Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Coffee notes: Indian Bean's Frowner's (Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu)

Indian Bean is a relatively new-ish coffee company, claiming to be fair trade, and selling single origin, and single estate coffee online. Here's a snapshot of their mission statement from their website 

I recently ordered a sampler pack called 'Roaster's bunch', which included 4 different coffees: Bullet, Frowner's, Forest, and Malnad. However, my pack didn't include Malnad, and instead came with Barista's Select. No problem.


Don't let the name fool you - it won't leave you frowning, that's for sure! :) This particular coffee comes from the Nilgiri hills, specifically from Kodaikanal in TN. The only other batch of coffee I've had from the Nilgiris weren't that great, but this particular one had more zing to it. Also, the processing method is something I haven't come across previously - wet processing, with 24 hours fermentation. I'm also not sure how this impacts the taste of the final product in your cup.

Frowner's Coffee, Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu
Brewed using a French press
Aroma: Since this is a dark roast, it has a bright chocolate-y aroma. I couldn't gather anything else from the aroma of the beans. Would love to hear if anyone else has experienced anything more.

Taste: The taste was a little... weird, in a good way. Like I mentioned, you won't be frowning after drinking this. It has a sweetish-fruity taste, with a definite rich chocolate aftertaste. Almost buttery. Also, since I brew my coffee using a French press, this preserves all the oils from the coffee (as opposed to a filtration method using a paper filter), and perhaps this accentuated the buttery-ness. This is a mildly acidic coffee on the balanced side. I expected it to be 'stronger', but it wasn't. The body was medium at best, varying from thin to medium in different batches being brewed.

Overall, this was quite a bright, sparkly cup of coffee, and quite the opposite from the name! You can buy coffee from The Indian Bean here.


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