Sunday, January 25, 2009

Egg Factory Breakfast Special

I regret the delay in getting this post out, but the weekend that I planned to do it, I fell ill, and found out I had appendicitis, so I had to be operated on (yes, I don't have an appendix now and I weigh about 5 grams lighter now). After that it was the recovery process and then an issue with a good friend, so finally here it is - no details for this post, the pictures should say it all, and although I did have one other dish apart from the 2 mentioned here (a tortilla with scrambled eggs and a mildly spicy salsa), I forgot to snap a picture of it.

A Greek omlette with goat cheese, olives and tomatoes

A classic, Eggs Benedict with soya ham

The weekend breakfast special was good - nah, excellent!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Egg Factory Republic Day weekend special

Since I am such a big fan of this place, I thought it would be pertinent to mention here that The Egg Factory on St. Marks Road will be having a special menu for the long Republic Day weekend (24th, 25th and 26th Jan '09). I've been told on good authority (and trust me, it doesn't get bigger than this) that the menu will have a whole new range of dishes for breakfast on these three days ranging from new omelettes and frittatas to new dishes like burritos, along with speciality breads like bagels, croissants and English muffins, and also the ever famous English Egg Benedict.

For the vegetarians who don't mind eating egg, but would cringe at the thought of there being meat at the Egg Factory - relax. There won't be. Then "how would an egg Benedict be complete without ham?" you may ask?. Well, either the meat won't be there at all, or the equally tasty soya substitute may make its debut at the Egg Factory (the only way to find out would be to be there and order it). So be there; I sure will!

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