Monday, February 22, 2010


It'd been a loooooooooong time since we visited TGIF, and what better day to go than on a Friday! We'd initially planned on going to some place where we could have a meal with 500 bucks (totally, for all 3 of us), but eventually ended up spending 1200 bucks each!!! I hope this spell doesn't continue too long or I'll be broke soon. Since we got there during the happy hours, we would get a drink free for every drink ordered, so we ordered a mojito and a blue something (which was basically vodka).


Blue Something (Vodka)

P being a veggie, there weren't too many options available, and very few seemed interesting, and so he ordered a plate of loaded potato skins. These weren't as good as the ones we had at Woodstok - these had only cheese in them.

Loaded Potato Skins

I ordered a Jack Daniel's Tower, comprising of shrimps, ribs, and chicken with the JD sauce and it was superb. Apologies for the quality of the snap, but if you've been to TGIF, you'd know that the lighting there is weird and not very conducive for taking snaps unless you have a flash, and I didn't want to make everyone around aware that I'm taking pics with my phone

Jack Daniel's Tower (shrimps, ribs, chicken)

P then ordered a South-West Potato something, which was potato wafers with jalapeno, cheese and a couple of other things tossed in to make it tasty. This was far better than the potato skins. This option was from the happy hours menu, which we'd completely missed looking at while placing the initial orders.

South-West Potato something

For the main course, I noticed that there was a new burger on the menu, South-West burger, that was a beef patty with jalapeno, cheese, and tomatoes. It tasted OK - I guess I'm picky now coz I refer the burgers at Thulp simply because of the fact that they constructed perfectly. Here, the patty was dry, and it had lettuce below it, so it wasn't on the lower half of the bun, and the worst part was the bun was started crumbling half-way through the burger.

South-West Burger

P & VP shared a cheese dish whose name I can't remember now. It seemed pretty good.

Cottage Cheese something

VP got conned - when I say conned, I mean a waiter came up and goaded him into having a tequila shot. That cost us 400 bucks! For that tiny amount...geez man.

Tequila shot

Once we were done with the meal, we sat outside TGIF to allow things to settle in our stomach,s and we were joined by a rather nice looking and well mannered dog. She sat by our sides, wanted to be petted, and even knew how to shake hands with us.

The dog outside TGIF

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Unknown said...

It was quite a scary coincidence cause while I was reading this, I heard that Carlton Towers was burning down.


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