Wednesday, May 26, 2010


...after a long time, I found 7 spare minutes to add a Facebook badge for my blog. Why 7? I Don't know, but that's the amount of time I was free for when doing 'blog work'. Now be sure to catch the action on Facebook as well. However, in keeping with being oblivious to what 'extra' would be provided to the readers by linking this to Facebook, the Facebook page will be primarily for the photos of higher quality (resolution) that can't be uploaded on the blog due to space constraints, although in time there could be some 'discussions' as well.

Shortly, I"ll be moving over to a new site, as Blogspot doesn't seem to be able to cater to all my needs (I've already bought a domain name for, so even though some things may change, they would still remain the same), but enough of that for now. Bon appetit!

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