Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Strawberry Soufflé

A couple of weekends ago, mom and I made strawberry soufflé at home. She was expecting guests - a whole lot classmates from her days back in med school. So apart from the rest of the stuff that was made, the soufflé was one of the main draws that evening. Traditionally, soufflés contain eggs and are baked dishes, but mom's been calling this soufflé since I was a kid (back then she used to make one using pineapples) and so I've continued to call it soufflé.

2 boxes strawberries (box = the small plastic boxes available nowadays)
2 packets cream (200 ml packets)
Sugar to taste

Take strawberries from one and a half boxes (leave half a box for garnishing and popping them into your mouth for an oh-so-lovely feeling). Wash them thoroughly. Take a vessel with about 3/4 lt. of water and dump the strawberries into it, put it onto the stove and bring to a boil. Add enough sugar to the solution/suspension until it's sweet enough (remember, we'll be adding cream later, which will further reduce the sweetness, so be generous). Once this is done, strain the liquid and set aside. While the strawberries are being boiled alive, add about 6 teaspoons of gelatin to a glass of water and allow it to swell. [Note to reader: The 6 teaspoons of gelatin is the proportionate amount needed for 400 ml cream plus nearly 1 lt. of water] Put the strawberry pulp into a blender and b(l)end it like Beckham until it's nice and smooth (mind you, when I say smooth, I mean it shouldn't be chunky). Add this pulpy awesomeness to the liquid strained above. Once the gelatin has swollen, add it to the strawberry + water mixture and allow to set (it would be hot, so let it rest in the open and then move it into the fridge).


After the suspension has set (around 6 hours, give or take a little), take the packets of cream and blend it into the suspension using a hand blender. Be sure not to whip the cream too much too soon or it'll become butter! Pour the new mixture into a large dish you wish to set it in, or into individual cups/bowls and smoothen it. Garnish the top with slices of strawberries. If you've got chocolate sauce at home, you can work your magic and create heaven in your home.


Soufflé - close up

Enjoy it cold, and if you think you like it a little runny, allow it to thaw a little - the gelatin loses its hold on the suspension and it becomes creamier and runnier.


Neetha said...

what U should do is post your mom's famous Pineapple Souffle':)

A.S. said...

i agree-- i'd be very interested in the pinapple suffle recipe as well!


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