Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ants Cafe - photos

Sometime back, in December, I met these two amazing ladies, who not only blog about food, but they're also awesome cooks. Some of the awesome things they've cooked can be read on their blog Purple Cinnamon and Salt. And with food being the common link, one of them had featured as a guest at Xian, while the other one waits her turn. Both have become good friends of mine, and I shall call the two Ms Quiche and Ms BakeAnything.

Some weeks ago, we'd visited Ants Cafe in Indiranagar as Ms Quiche had been called for a photo shoot (not just for the food, but for the clothes and accessories sold at the Ants Store as well). And being the wonderful person and friend that she is, she invited me to tag along for the photo shoot, to experience the whole thing. So although this technically isn't a review of the cafe - certainly not the way I usually do it - there are photographs of the dishes put up here, and suffice to say that the food was actually quite good, although Ants would primarily like to be known as a store that sells products made by the artisans in the North-East, the popularity of the cafe could certainly bring in more customers for the store as well. Boy, that was one long sentence, wasn't it? :P

One the many artifacts available at Ants. This one is a mask from Sikkim

Also, on the food front, every now and then there are North-East food festivals that take place here. Won't explicitly guarantee it, but this blog should be able to update the junta about whenever this may be happening.

Blue curçao?

Iced tea

Blueberry and something

Mango (R), and forgot the name of the drink on the left


Bruschetta, or simply garlic bread with various toppings



Spinach soup

Vegetable something

Chicken breast with herbs and cheese

Open sandwich

Fish with mustard sauce something


Lasagna, different angle

Third angle for the lasagna

Spaghetti and meatballs

Waffles with ice cream and maple syrup

Waffles with ice cream and maple syrup

Ants, # 2023/B, 14th A Main, 1st Cross, Hal 2nd Stage, 100 Feet Road, Indiranagar, Bangalore. Phone: 41521742


pradeep said...

SUPER photographs..... clear pic's of what is available at the ants cafe. thanks

mridula said...

i think going to ants cafe was one of the worst experiences i ever had in terms of food and service. veg burgers had no onions, and when asked we were told onions were out of stock (what was that??) and we ended up finding onions in one of the pasta salads we had ordered. The penne salad (the name says penne clearly) has fussili instead (what was that again??)..and when we asked, the reply was that penne was out of stock!!coffee was good, just that it was not what we ordered AGAIN! totally frustrating experience!!

Karthik Shetty said...

I'm not a spokesperson for them, so all I can say is I guess you had a bad experience on that day. I've been a few times and have had no problems. It'd be best to take such issues up with the management of the store (if you ever go there again).

Rishwanth said...

One is bound to receive a negative comment from time to time. but that doesn't mean the cafe is bad based on just an odd experience. Ive personally had some of the best food in Ants Cafe in the recent times. Ants Cafe is highly recommended! Rishwanth

Anoynmous said...

Yeah.. I agree with Mridula..!
Forget about no onions.. it did not even have any veggies in the "VEG BURGER" and I would say it over was bloody over priced for what they served.. considering the size of the burger..!! That's not it.... you order for a chicken salad pasta and they served Veg..!
Horrible experience..!!!

Deepa T. Krishnan said...

I wish these reviews had been posted up earlier... But looks like I was destined to experience it first hand.... I don't even know where to start from... First of all the orders took a very long time to arrive & not like it was worth the wait... Then the orders were messed up... Customer service was terrible, to top it off one of my friend's even got miserable looks from one of the waiters when asked bout the orders...
To keep it short, all I'd like to say is that I would never recommend this place to anyone !!!

Karthik Shetty said...

Firstly, to all those who comment with an anonymous title, pls leave your name, it's so much more pleasant to reply and address you by name.

To those who've had a bad experience, like with all F&B places, there's bound to be a bad experience every now and then. But without a doubt, you are entitled to not visit the place again. For the rest, news on the grapevine is that recently the staff was changed (unconfirmed).

the ants said...

Mridula Deepa and friends,
this is on behalf on the ants cafe management, we are very sorry about the bad experience you have had at our cafe. we at the ants cafe will try our best to make sure this doesn't repeat.. and if you have any grievance Please leave your comments in the feed back form available at the counter or please contact management to help and service you better.. thanks the ants cafe.

Mea Culpa said...

You know Upsi! What a small world! I love Purple Cinnamon and salt's blog- always makes my mouth water.

Your blog is doing similar things to a home-deprived, starving person! Great job and great reviews :)

- A native Bangalorean and very overwhelmed with the surge of restaurants she has to visit all of a sudden!

Karthik Shetty said...

Hello, yes, I met Upsi and Palla in December, and like you, I follow their blog religiously...and my mouth waters as well.


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