Saturday, October 8, 2011

Ramzaan food walk

In a bid to reduce the backlog and get back on track as soon as possible, I shall try to post one blog entry a day for the next 5 days. Yes, it's difficult, but then so is life, and you don't see most of us kicking off our shoes when the going gets tough, do you? So, backlog, and hence a post on Ramzaan that dealt with a food walk on M M Road is coming up now!

The caramel custard is something that is a must have. Buttery soft, with a touch of rose water essence (a little too much in our case)... you know what, this was over so long ago, I don't think it's fair to bait y'all with talk about the food, so let's just take a pictorial journey on this one - that way the pain will be less for both you and me :)

A breakdown of the things I ate: caramel custard, seekh kababs, qubani ka meetha, dry fruit sherbet, anda keema roti, satays, and an entire chicken leg and thigh.


Anonymous said...

I love LOVE chicken satay! According to you, which place serves the best chicken satay?

Karthik Shetty said...

Hello.. the satays sold during Ramzaan aren't available all year long. For Satays, you could try Plan B, Cafe Thulp, Mugen (to name a few) and other such places that serve pan-Asian cuisine.


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