Sunday, September 7, 2008

Café Fresco's

After a long Saturday morning and afternoon, and an evening spent with the realisation that my computer wasn't switching on, Mr VP decided that we head to Fresco's for dinner. Fresco's, on Cunningham Road, was a place we'd been to on 3-4 occasions before, but for breakfast, as the breakfast spread was truly amazing for the Rs. 150 we paid. A classic English breakfast buffet, with loads of fruit juices and the quintessential bacon and eggs, hash browns and baked beans and a lot more.

Anyway, we went for dinner, and it was a la carte. I knew a day would come when one of the places we visit would turn out to be a real disappointment, and ta daa! Fresco's it was. Apart from the settings, which are almost perfect with the open settings, and trees all around, we didn't find anything else interesting. The dim lights and a nice(?) candle on the table would make couples happy I guess, but for my buddies and I, we really struggled to read what was on the menu under the dim lights, and what's more, since there was no girl in our midst, we didn't get a candle on the table!!!

The soup we started off with, a veg Grusso was lousy(I was giving Mr P company with some veg food and didn't want him to feel bad that he'd be the only veg eater tonight).

It was thick and gooey, as if the cook dropped an extra quart of flour into the soup while making it. And wait till you hear this: the pepper in the shaker on the table had white pepper, not black! Imagine our surprise when we kept shaking pepper into the soup and tasting it, but didn't have any change in its taste. We also ordered a plate of fried cheese sticks, and these weren't good either. The cheese had an odd taste to it, and the salad with it was nothing great either.

The main course that we ordered was, well, not bad, but I've certainly had way better for the same cost. The lamb pepperoni which Mr VP ordered was well cooked, but bland! I guess they added more white pepper instead of the regular black pepper,

The veg goulash was ok (from what Mr P said),

and the chicken rockers (what I ordered), was, again, bland, and smelt funny, and I didn't care too much for the teddy bear face look with the presentation.

Our glasses weren't filled with water until we asked for it (maybe they were busy, it being a Saturday night, but then again I wasn't having a free meal), and we had to wait for 20 minutes for the bill to arrive! That's it, game, set and match...this place is outta my list for good! We went to the near by Barista for dessert and were quite happy to getting something good to what was otherwise a pretty disappointing meal. On the bright side, we got to see a Yahama R1, which Mr P told me would cost around Rs. 12,00,000 after import duties, etc. Sweet!

Café Fresco's, Hatworks Boulevard, Cunningham Road, Bangalore.

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Anonymous said...

You should go to Fresco's not for the food(which is, as you mentioned, unnecessarily over-priced) but for the desserts at Rahila's, which are probably the best in Bangalore.


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