Monday, September 22, 2008

Righteous Kill, a nice meal, and a funny sign

Went out with the brother on Saturday night to watch Righteous Kill, starring Robert DeNero and Al Pacino, and the movie went along predictable lines. However, since it was time for my brother to unwind from his studies - a break of sorts - I agreed to whichever movie he wanted to watch. Just before going to the theatre, we stepped into Transit to grab a quick bite. While he had some masala corn, I had a honeydipped bowtie, which was nothing but a doughnut shaped liked a bowtie glazed with honey, and extremley soft, soft to the point where it melts in your mouth and you go mmmh. Just as we were stepping out and headed towards the theatre, I saw this sign at the entrance/exit of Transit:
Hmm, I'd really like to see how the eatables will be prosecuted. I wonder if they'd be marched off towards the dustbin prison camp or the garbage penitentiary :)

After the movie, we had a plate of chop suey, which surprisingly, my brother the fussy eater actually liked.

I ordered a plate of butterflied shrimp (which was batter fried),
and we rounded it off with a paneer dhokla.

Although it tasted good, I realised that there was hardly any paneer at all in it, instead there were cheese slices in between and I'm certain those weren't slices of paneer.

A picture of my brother enjoying his chop suey... so much so that he said the next time he comes here, he's having only that (yeah, when I said fussy, I meant in in every way).

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