Sunday, May 17, 2009

Beijing Bites

On the night before my brother was to leave for Mangalore to join my mom in attending a cousins wedding, the brothers Shetty decided to head out to Beijing Bites in Jayanagar for dinner. Nothing fancy, just a splash ans dash for dinner, and so we started off with a plate of Dragon spring rolls with garlic sauce, and for the mains, my brother had a Chinese Chop Suey, and I hada Thai dish called Khad Pao Tham (I think) which was basically flat noodles in a slightly gravey like sauce with sliced veggies.

Dragon spring rolls

Chop Suey

Khad Pao Tham (something sounding like that at least)

The place isn't 'great', but like most other Chinese (Indianised Chinese, IC for short) joints (although I'd certainly rate a Chung Wah above this place). The food, again, isn't too different from most IC joints. The dragon rolls were oily, but crispy and tasty enough with the garlic sauce to set th tone for the food to follow. As for the main course, my brother's chop suey was a little bland (but then that's the way he likes his food), while my Thai stuff was actually pretty decent. A little spicey, but not so spicey that you'd blow fire out of your mouth.

my one disappointment was that I didn't find momos in the menu - maybe I didn't look hard enough, but I'm fairly certain that there weren't any momos on the menu, surprising for a Chinese joint, but then again, while a Chung Wah has them, the other varient, Chungs doesn't have them either. Ah what the hell, I've been preaching to a lot of people to avoid IC joints for the amount of MSG or ajino moto that is added to the food, I shouldn't be cribbing about what I can't find on the menus now. Sigh! Such is life.

Beijing Bites, No 45, 11th Main, Next to Pill and Powder, Jayanagar 4th Block, Bangalore


Captain Subtext said...

I thought one is supposed to give at least a slight bit of his opinion on the food if one is writing a food review. The pics make the food look rather ugly. I haven't had a great experience with the home delivery service of one of the Beijing Bites outlets, so was interested in knowing about your experience at the restaurant.

Karthik Shetty said...

I didn't think anyone would read it so soon, and I published it before completing it coz I was sleepy. I can't help if the pics make stuff look ugly - I don't carry my SLR to places I go to eat, and so the phone's camera has to do the trick. So hopefully, if you are reading this, I'd have updated the post with my experience (although having 2 dishes hardly qualifies as a review of the place)

Captain Subtext said...

Oh, I wasn't blaming you for the food looking ugly! Actually, am not sure how much better these items would have looked even with an SLR.

And sorry, didn't realize there was more to come in the post.

Karthik Shetty said...

Oh please, no need to apologise. It's just that I didn't know people actually followed the blog like a guide (I started it more for my cooking but it seems to have taken a whole new path :) ). Shall be more careful about when I hit the 'publish' button from now on.

Captain Subtext said...

Yeah, well, my blog was meant to be a place where I wrote insane pieces after getting drunk, maybe as a partially effective cure to the cross between delayed teenage angst and early midlife-crisis that I perpetually seem to be under, but people have started taking my rants seriously. Including the idiotic stuff I say against Bangalore!

Aarti said...

I prefer going to chung wah for chinese.


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