Monday, May 11, 2009

Bored of work, head to Egg Factory!

Eggs can really cheer you up, and when you're in good company, discussing 'spiritually' uplifting stuff (apart from food talk, of course), then the meal can be all the more delightful. I visited TEF twice in a week; the first time when I was pretty frustrated with work and just wanted to go and have a good meal in the evening, and the second, a week later, with my brother when my mom had gone to Mangalore to attend a wedding.

The night I attended alone (alone because P and VP were held up at work and couldn't make it), I started off with a cilantro chilli pesto omelet with toast. The owner, Yogesjh, while chatting with me suggested I try the Cha Tan (Chinese fried egg topped with peas, bits of carrot and soya ham served with rice) for my mains, and that's what I did, finally winding up with a bread custard. I also got around to asking why they stopped serving my favourite dessert, the poor knights of Windsor any more, and Yogesh gave me a valid answer for that (not too sure if I should be putting it down here without his permission). I also got a few pointers for my upcoming trip to Delhi next month. All said and done, dinner was great, as usual, and no complaints.

Cilantro chilli pesto omelet

Cha Tan

Bread custard

When my brother and I went (second time), I was supposed to meet the lil tyke (not so little anymore!) at around 6:30, but got held up at work till 6:15, and so by the time I reached TEF, it was almost quarter past 7. Thankfully, he was carrying a storybook (that's something genetic with both of us), and so was passing away his time reading. We ordered a French toast stuffed with cheese and blueberry preserve, and then went for the main course - a pasta mushroom ragout for him, and I settled for the omlete curry combo.

French toast stuffed with cheese and blueberry preserve

Penne with mushroom and cheese ragout

Plain rice and the omelet curry

A couple of parathas with raita

After dinner, we thought of going to Lakeview Ice Cream parlour since it had been ages since we'd been there, and so walked the almost 1 KM to MG Road. As luck would have it, the place had shifted - to the complex adjacent to TEF. Thankfully, my brother wasn't in a foul mood and so didn't crib about having to walk back the same way we came.

Upon getting there, it just didn't feel the same, although the wait staff were. I guess location does matter! My brother had the chocolate mallow sundae, while I had an old favourite - the Callison special.

Chocolate mallow sundae

Callison sundae


Suhas said...

Man, the pics of sundaes alone have hit the spot! I always preferred lakeview to corner house - hope they don't close down anytime soon!

Jil Jil Ramamani said...

First lakeview,then Corner house, then the coffee house *sulk - Bangalore is disappearing and Bengalooru is taking over.


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