Friday, August 7, 2009

Crêpe Connection

A couple of days ago, I'd stepped into Oasis Mall on the inner ring road at Koramangala to buy something for my cousin when my stomach began to send me signals that it was time to pay some attention to it, and so I stepped into the food court. I noticed this stall called Crepe Connection, selling crêpes, a type of pancake that originated in the Brittany region of France.

Preparing the crêpe

Crepe Connection has two types of crêpes, with sweet fillings and savoury. I had a sweet one called November Rain (fancy name - I thought Axl Rose would be playing inside my head as I ate it). This one was filled with apple and demarara sugar and cinnamon, and finally had whipped cream to present the final touch. They also had ones having bananas and chocolate, and seasonal fillings like strawberries and mango. It tasted great, especially the apple-cinnamon combo, although, if my mom was to learn that I paid Rs 70 for one, she'd blow her cool, and my head, saying I'm mad to pay 70 bucks for a glorified, sweet-filled dosa :)

November Rain

However, this is one place that needs to be polished off in the company of Mr P and VP, so another, more elaborate review should be coming soon.

Crepe Connection, Polynation Food Court, Oasis Center Mall, Inner Ring Road, Koramangala (near Sony world junction), Bangalore.

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Neetha said...

see U could have got me one of those!!! Foood anytime... I love it more than anything in the world & u know it ;-)


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