Monday, August 10, 2009

Lazy Saturday morning @ Egg Factory

Saturday morning was about as lazy as it gets. P, VP and I met for breakfast at 9 (I was famished by that time, since I'm used to having my breakfast @ 7 AM!). P was late, and so VP and I started off without him. We started off with a french toast with cream cheese and blueberry preserve. I've always loved this version, and it didn't disappoint again.

French Toast with Blueberry Preserve and Cream Cheese

I'd never had any of the special "Manipal connection" dishes on the menu before, and so VP and I decided to take a shot here. I had the mota special, and boy, did it have 'fat' in it or what! You can see the oil/ghee (clarified butter) floating on top.

Mota Special

VP decided to have the bread masala, and it did seem a lot lighter than the dish I ordered, although both tasted good.

Bread Masala

Finally, P arrived, and ordered a cilantro chilly omelette.

Cilantro & chilly omelette

VP then ordered an omelette with tomato sauce, simple yet effective.

Omelette withTomato sauce

P and I then decided to split a classic - huevos rancheros, a classic Mexican breakfast dish, served with tortillas.

Huevos Rancheros

This was P trying to take a picture of a glass of water. Not too sure what he was thinking, but then again, he's been working real hard and not been having enough coffee :)

Finally, for dessert, we ordered a new one we saw on the blackboard. It said zabaglione, and was a custard type dish with a wine flavour along with cream and chocolate shavings on top. It had a great taste, and kinda had a cinnamon/mouth fresher taste which 'pops' in your mouth.


On the way out, we saw the co-owner of the place, Yogesh himself, and he let out a secret about the new dessert. Firstly, it was his research and tweaking of the recipe, and secondly, the thing that popped in the mouth... go eat it and find out (nothing bad or disgusting or shocking, just something simple that would pleasantly surprise you).


Nina said...

Hey, You should try this place called rolls united at Koramangala 1st block. its interesting.

Nina said...

Oh..... I forgot to mention, the reviews in Bangalore Mirror are awesome!!! I hope to see Priya Bala being replaced soon in times.....

Karthik Shetty said...

I heard about rolls united and have seen it as well...didn't hear too many nice things about it either :) and about replacing Priya Bala...hahaha

Neetha said...

U know with all the advertising u do for Egg Factory, the day is not far out when u will be one of the partners :-)

Cogito, ergo sum said...

hey, grt blog. do you know any place in bangalore which provides unlimited English Breakfast?

Karthik Shetty said...

Thanks. Unlimited English breakfast in Bangalore? There is this place called Cafe Fresco's on Cunningham road that used to serve an amazing English breakfast on all days, but now it's limited only to Sunday's I think. It would be worthwhile to first call and check with them (41327555, 41327551) if they still have the breakfast. Also, there's Cafe Terra in Koramangala 80 feet road, 1st block, but I'm not sure if they have an 'unlimited' English breakfast, but I heard the waffles are really something.

Jil Jil Ramamani said...

Theres this belgian Cafe, De Lekkerbek in Koramangala which serves a decent English breakfast
Ph : 57686767

Anonymous said...

Please do not go to Cafe Terra !! Yes the waffles are most definitely great but thats until I found a dead cockroach in the batter !! Careful guys !
- Nisha


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