Thursday, July 8, 2010

BM Review: Matteo Coffea

Last weekend I had visited Matteo Coffea (notice the spelling) on Church Street as part of a review for The Bangalore Mirror. The review can be read here.

If you’ve lived in Bangalore through the early 90’s, then Mac Fast Food, or Macs, would’ve been in your lexicon of Bangalore vocab for fast food in a classy environ. This time around, the Sterling’s Mac group brings to Bangalore a coffee shop, albeit with a difference – and a profound one at that if you ask me. Educating the patrons about coffee and tea, and serving food that’s miles ahead of that served in other ‘coffee’ shops at very affordable rates, Matteo Coffea guarantees you more than just a hot beverage.

Matteo is the Latin name for Mathew, and the cafe is owned by the Sterling Mac group’s John Mathew, and is located at the very spot that housed Mac Fast Food on the ever crowded Church Street. The family had moved their business to Qatar in the late 90’s, and have now come back and started Matteo Coffe, with Mr. Mathew’s son Mac in charge of this outlet.

Apart from the usual fare of puffs and croissants, some of the delightful snacks are the cinnamon rolls and the Danish pastries. The ‘shekeratos’, or milk shakes were nice and refreshing (applicable for any season). Sandwiches and pastas constitute the core. 3 of us had the spaghetti Bolognaise and the penne in cream sauce with shrimps, which were pretty good, and the portions served were huge. The veg grilled sandwich was good as well, and those of you belonging to that elitist minority we call ‘vegetarians’, you needn’t worry about choice – there are several options. The Caesar salad with grilled chicken was nice, but was missing a lot of the Worcestershire sauce and lemon juice dressing – necessary to give it its zing.

Espresso Shekerato

Iced Latte

Black & White Shekerato

Caramel Shekerato

Veg grilled sandwich

Another angle

Caesar salad with grilled chicken

Penne in cream sauce with shrimps

Spaghetti Bolognaise

One for each – a fruit tart, apple pie with ice cream, a strawberry cheesecake, a Tiramisu, and a chocolate pie. The fruit tart and the apple pie were quite good, while the tiramisu, in all its splendour, seemed to have a little too much gelatin making the mascarpone a little stiff. The chocolate pie seemed to have the texture of a mousse on the inside, something that didn’t seem right. Maybe ‘pie’ wasn’t the best choice of words to describe it.


Chocolate Pie

Apple pie with ice cream

Fruit tart

Strawberry cheesecake

Food: Nice
$$$: Not too expensive. This meal cost us a tickle over 1800.
Service: Relaxed (what did you expect?)
Verdict: Don't visit specifically for lunch, but if you're in the area around lunch time, then drop by. If not, just visit for some good coffee and while you're at it, grab a bite or two - that'll make it worth it.

Matteo Coffea, #2, Church Street, Bangalore. Phone: 43336000

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