Monday, July 26, 2010


I was told sometime back that Dahlia on Church Street served better Japanese food than Harima. Unfortunately, by the time I started making enough money to visit joints where I'd have to pay in excess of Rs. 500 (per person) for a meal, Dahlia had closed, and so Bangaloreans like me have to settle for Harima (unless you consider Zen at The Leela Palace and Shiro in UB City as 'authentic Japanese'). Without a doubt, Harima is miles ahead of it's nearest competitors (in Bangalore at least).

Seven of us (deadly sinners) went to Harima on Saturday for lunch, and we weren't disappointed one bit.

Sake 'shot' glasses

One of the lamp shades, snap taken by The Professor

My sake glass


Harima Deluxe Platter (sushi & sashimi)

Beef noodles

One of the 'bento' boxes - like a thali, or a set meal

Okonomiyaki - Japanese style pizza-pancake

Another bento

My bento box

Green tea ice cream - me not likey!

Wasabi ice cream - the wasabi can really explode inside your head, so take smaller spoonfuls

Overall, great experience, especially for someone like me who's always game to try on new food. Someone at work asked me how could I get myself to eat "such kind of food", with an expression of pure revulsion. To which I gave my standard answer - if it's good enough for humans in a different part of the planet, it ought to be good enough for me. I don't believe in a lot of our societal barriers like caste, religion, etc., but what I've noticed is that a lot of people belonging to, let us say, a particular section of Hindu society that places them right on top, seem to be clinging onto the caste system because it's the only way they can have the sense of being 'important'. A few hundred years ago, yeah, but today, when we're in an era of being able to send man to the moon and send data in a few seconds over several thousands of miles across the globe, I'm at a loss at how to react to such people when they make such obnoxious statements. In any case, this is a different discussion, not for my food blog.

At the end of the day, we're all human, aren't we? I'm not eating food that a South American vampire bat or a tape worm eat, I'm eating what other civilised humans are eating. Don't forget that.

Food: If you're ready to appreciate the food and cultural philosophy behind food from a foreign land, then this food is superb.
$$$: Very expensive - we paid Rs. 1100 per head, but mainly because of the Rs. 3000 sushi platter. Well worth the money since this isn't a daily or monthly thing that I do.
Service: Good
Verdict: Like I said, it's the only Japanese restaurant in town, and it's worth a visit if you're game for some exotic food. May not be suitable for vegetarians, although if you eat egg, then you may just be able to have a few things to eat besides sea weed :)

Harima, 4th Floor, Devatha Plaza, Opp. Bishop Cotton Boys School, Residency Road (Field Marshall Cariappa Road), Bangalore. Phone: 41325757


Anonymous said...

I confirm that Harima is suitable for vegetarians. I guess you didn't notice all the vegetarian sushi on offer, or the natto or the tofu dishes?

boozy g said...

Like the review and the opinions! Sushi/sashimi looks great. Which ones were the best? I can't afford a 3000 rupee platter

Captain Subtext said...

The food looks just fantastic. I could never go there when I was in Bangalore, despite working in an office for some time that was at walking distance from it on Lavelle Road, because just no one I knew had any interest in trying out "such kind of food". And going to a place like this alone would be rather sad.

But, this inspires me to try out a decent Japanese place in Mumbai now.

Karthik Shetty said...

@Anonymous: True, but still, the no. of options is a lil too small and so unless the veggies are the kind who don't mind spending around Rs 400 for a 2 piece veg sushi, I don't think it'll be worth it.

@Boozy: I liked all :) I'm sure that's not helping your cause, but seriously, the reason we went for the platter was because we were many (7) and the platter had several things. If you're the experimenting kind, try unagi (eel), or else stick to favourites like salmon, tuna, or red snapper.

@Cpt. Subtext: Perhaps Wasabi (if it's reopened) in the Taj Mahal hotel next to the gateway (the only one in Mumbai I know of), unless there are other places as well. But it certainly was very pleasing to indulge in this kind of a meal once in a while (in my case, I guess over 1000+ per head per meal is done usually twice or thrice a year, not more).

Anonymous said...

Shiro's and Zen (Leela Palace) are the other restaurants that serve sushi. Give them a try.

Anonymous said...

Hey I'm surprised you even gave the sanctimonious person who was pointing fingers at your food habits a mention in your blog.To each his own & you do whatever it is you want to do as long as you're not hurting anyone.
Anyway,thanks to your review on Caperberry, I went there recently with friends & we loved the food.I was hoping to try out Harima some time but since I'm a vegetarian, I don't think that's going to happen.Keep up the good work.


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