Wednesday, August 18, 2010


About 3 weeks back, I was supposed to go for a review, but because of last minute cancellations by my guests, I had to cancel and settle for dinner with P and VP. And since P was done late at work, we had to meet someplace near Indiranagar, and so we decided to go to High Note. But when VP and I got there, there were no seats available, and so the next option was Mugen (and I"m glad we went there).

Since P was going to be late, we ordered soups for ourselves. A mushroom clear soup for me and VP had a chicken wonton soup. Just as our soups arrived, so did Mr. P and he immediately zeroed in on one of the Thai soups - Tom Kha Pag. The soups were good. The mushroom soup had three kinds - button, shitake, and oyster, while P said his Thai soup was also pretty decent.

Mushroom clear soup

Chicken wonton soup

Tom kha pag

Once done with the soups, we moved on to some starters. Since VP has some allergy towards lamb and mutton dishes, we had to stick to chicken and sea food, and also since he has an allergy to most oils, we have to be careful not to pick dishes that are deep fried. Boy, talk about making things difficult! We ended up ordering some Thai grilled chicken and some peppery prawns, while P ordered some veg stir fry which was glazed in a plum sauce, giving it a nice sheen and a sweet taste.

Kai yang horappa (grilled chicken with Thai herbs & basil)

Pag pad namboy (veg stir fry in plum sauce)

Kung pad kra tiem prik tai (peppery prawns)

I don't if it's a sign that we're becoming old or what, but we were quite full by this time. So main course was a tame affair (and a struggle). I ordered an egg white and olives fried rice (it had olives, ans so I wondered if we were at an Italian place or an Oriental place!) while P ordered a veg Pad Thai. VP had some allergic reaction to something even before coming to the restaurant which made him sneeze right through dinner and so he decided to skip the mains in the interest of continuing sneezing. Also, the side dish that we ordered, okra and bamboo with spring beans, had bamboo shoots in it, which VP doesn't like the smell of, so out he went, while we dined.

Both the main course dishes were nice, although being tired and kind of full didn't allow P and I to enjoy it as we'd have liked to.

Egg white and olives fried rice

Pad Thai (veg)

Dry cooked okra, bamboo shoots, and string beans

Overall, a nice meal, but I wish we weren't so bummed out at work - it would have allowed us to enjoy the meal a whole lot more.

Mugen, #2011, 3rd Floor, Above Indigo Nation, 100 feet road, Indiranagar, Bangalore. Phone: 41481414

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