Sunday, August 29, 2010

After hours...iftaar raid in Frazer Town

Ramzaan is that time of the year when almost all the Muslim dominated areas of Bangalore (for that matter anywhere in India) are abuzz with a lot of activity post the evening prayers (after the fast is broken). M M road, the one perpendicular to Mosque road in Frazer Town, is one such area where even someone like me, who is kind-of a cleanliness freak, won't mind stepping into for the feast that is set up before our eyes. Last Saturday, I'd been there with Suhas and Santosh (from Saffron and Khazana), along with Ruth's husband Sudhakar (from Pizzeria Romano and Veekes & Thomas), we set about in the hope that we'd be able to cover some decent round.

The first attempt at this turned out to be a washout as the rains showed no mercy, and this Saturday (28th), the rains didn't seem to want us to have a good time. But by 6:30, thankfully, things cleared out, and by the time we met at 7, it seemed like we were late! The crowds swarmed both sides of the streets, and popular joints on the road had set up stalls outside selling anything from skewered chicken to roast legs to kababs to rolls... it went on and on.

Since Sudhakar had to leave in a rush (he plays for a couple of bands, and had a performance that night), we had to initially rush through a few things, and so the first bunch of snaps are on his phone, so you'll have to see them on Ruth's blog once she puts them up. We had some batter-fried chicken on skewers, which in all honesty, was the kind of stuff you'd wanna give to people to make them quit eating chicken! It was bland and dry. The other two dishes - the gosh (the first name eludes me now) and the caramel custard were very good. The cara,el custard especially, for just Rs. 15 a piece, was a steal if you ask me.

Once Sudhakar left, Suhas, Santosh and I had a little more leisure in selecting where and what to eat. We moved over towards Kababbish, and immediately realised that this was where the hard-core stuff was at. A plethora of beef items with a smattering of chicken dishes. Santosh would have to wait (he doesn't eat beef), while Suhas and I tried some roast tongue. Crunchy, 'meaty', and very spicy. I initially thought we'd been conned as I didn't expect the tongue to have a similar texture to that of beef, but then realised that the tongue is pure muscle, and hence it wasn't surprising that it did have the same texture as the beef. It'd have been better if we could have tasted the meat more, but the overdose of spices seemed to have killed it.

Tongue roast

After a glass of 'paani kum chai' each, we crossed the road onto another shop selling anda mutton kheema fry, or eggs and minced mutton in a thin roti and fried. Just looking at these things being fried can give someone a major arterial clog, but what's life without indulging in a few such activities! Quite a meal in itself.

Anda mutton keema fry

Anda mutton keema fry up close and personal

Once this was done, we hopped into Bombay Chowpati Kulfi and downed a coupled of kulfis before calling it a night, but agreeing that we needed to have a revisit to do 'justice' to this place.

M M Road, Perpendicular to Mosque Street, Frazer Town, Bangalore.

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