Thursday, April 8, 2010

BM Review: Khazana

A couple of weeks back, I finally got to go to this little hole in the wall called Khazana near Johnson Market in Richmond Town. This was part of a review for the Bangalore Mirror, and the review can be read here. This place is renowned for its beef biryanis, and suffice to say, it lives up to the reputation that has been built. Apart from that, there are a few other choice beef dishes - phal (chops), keema, button kabab, and seekh kabab.

The keema was superb with the different breads they have on offer - wheat paratha, Ceylon paratha, Kerala paratha, and Irani roti.

The breads with the goodies

The chicken kalimirch is nothing but pepper chicken, but with a slight twist. It was really good and well flavoured, and chicken itself was tender and well seasoned. The phal, or chops, were also extremely well cooked and the meat was just dropping off the bone

Chicken kabab

The chicken kababs were dusted in flour and then fried. These were pretty good as well.

Button kabab

My favourite - the 'button' kabab (I guess they couldn't come up with a slightly more suggestive name), were bite-sized pieces of beef that were marinated in chili powder and (according to someone from the paper 'loads of food colouring'). This is the perfect thing to have while watching a cricket match on TV.

Beef biryani

And finally, their masterpiece, the beef biryani. Awesome - perfectly flavoured, meat cooked flawlessly to the point where it melts in your mouth, and at the end, you leave satisfied.

In fact, the beef biryani is called 'regular biryani', while the chicken biryani is called 'chicken biryani', and the chicken biryani is the most expensive item on their menu - Rs 70!

To emphasise how this is a value-for-money place, let me list out the things we ate:
3 biryanis (2 beef, 1 chicken), 2 plates chops, 7 rotis (the ones mentioned above), 2 plates button kabab, 1 chicken kabab, 1 chicken kalimirch, 1 keema - all this for Rs. 507!

Food: Amazing
$$$: Very, very cheap! 4 of us had been there and the bill came up to 507! Go figure.
Service: They take your order pretty soon and the food comes faster than water!
Verdict:If you aren't the fussy kind who'd crib about ambience, and decor, and what not, and you eat beef, then you HAVE to visit this place. If not, you're missing out on some of the best beef biryani and beef items in Bangalore.
Extra Info: This place is very close to Fanoos (near Johnson Market). Keeping Fanoos to your right, go down the street, take the first left you get (after all the butcher shops), walk up ahead and turn right and you'll see Khazana on your left.

Khazana Food Paradise, #16, Aga Abdulla Street, Richmond Town, Bangalore


boozy g said...

sounds super yummy! Good to see that bangalore mirror reviews 'hole in the wal'l places as well. Sometimes these are the ones with the yummiest dishes.

vishak said...

Damn, i live right next door and was there that night (though only to pack stuff home). Would have been great to bump into you, been following the blog religiously for a while now. If you are ever in that part of town again, there's another couple of holes in the wall you should check out. The one close from Kazana is Siddique (or fondly known as "the faal place"), definitely check it out even if you don't want to review it for the paper.

vishak said...

Oh just read the beginning of your post, you were there a couple of weeks ago, and not on last wednesday. Then I may or may not have been there. Guess I was too excited to see the title Khazana to read too much, lol.

Karthik Shetty said...

@boozy g: Yes, Bangalore Mirror does review hole-in-the-wall type joints - in fact we'd love for suggestions of more such places so that we could cover them and inform people about their existence.

@vishak: Perhaps if you gave directions of this place it would help. An email id would help so that I can call you if I'm visiting that place for a 'recce' and maybe have you as a guest if I think it's worth reviewing.

vishak said...

1. "The Faal Place" or'Siddique' - From Fannoos take the left into the tiny lane in which Khazana is, don't take the right thereafter towards Khazana, but take another left and you'll reach another main road on the other side of Johnson Market (right next to the butchery). Keep going down straight down the lane,a nd your way will be blocked by a mass of humanity on the right. That's the Faal Place. Do note that it is only open in the evenings. Things to try - the Faal, seviya, beef masala and bombay role.

2. Little Tibet Kitchen - FRom Nanjappa Circle (i.e. the one at the hockey stadium in Langford Town). If Foodworld is on the left, at the circle go straight into the little lane there (there's a chicken shop on the right). Keep going down the lane till you hit 'little tibet kitchen'. Awesome and cheap food. Don't if it's worth reviewing and all considering you've reviewed a few tibetan places already.

email -

boozy g said...

At Siddique they also serve veal fry and a veal roll - or so they say!

vishak said...

Since we are on the subject of 'hole-in-the-wall' type places, there's also one in Vijayanagar which I remember fondly from college, off Chord Road called 'Akshata' (not so hole-in-the-wall as the 2 mentioned above). Cannot give you the exact directions, except that it is next to New Shanti Sagar (NSS) off Chord Road in Vijayanagar. It is definitely a must visit place in my opinion. But don't ever go there with a vegetarian. The only thing vegetarian there is the rice, raagi and rotis. Even the gravy they serve with the rice, not daal mind you, is a mutton/chicken gravy.

Suhas said...

Hey, great to see the Khazana entry finally up. I notice the Mirror column has become far more concise, and now seems to be in point form? And no photos on the site..hmm.

Still, the place was kickass. Wouldn't mind another round sometime, whatsay?

Karthik Shetty said...

Don't mind, although I'm curious to try out that Siddiqui place now :). And Gowda was talking about visiting the Parsi place - Daddy's Deli.


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