Thursday, April 8, 2010


Last evening, we decided to meet as there were a few pending 'gifts' to be given. VP's birthday gift was to be given, and I had decided that I'd also give P something for his birthday (since he was gracious enough to celebrate an anti-birthday) sometime back. SO i bought a couple of Ts online from this site called from where I'd earlier purchased a few really nice T-shirts. And so we decided to meet up, where else, but in Indiranagar at Gloria Jean's Coffee which now officially is our coffee adda, and I hardly ever have coffee!). P said he'd be a lil late - some last minute thing at work, and VP, although he left office at 6:20, at 7:45 he was still stuck somewhere on Old Madras Road (which according to me is the worst road in Bangalore). So when I called him, we made a quick change in plans and decided to meet up at a Chinese place next to Coffee Day (called Wang's) on the Jeevan Bhima Nagar main road. Once we got there, we saw two other restaurants there - Malabar, and Biryanis. And we decided on Malabar.

Since VP and I were the first ones there, and VP was dying of hunger, we decided to start off with something, and we ordered a couple of plates of seer fish fry (I wanted to have mussels, but they weren't available, and I didn't fancy even asking for prawns at this place), so seer fish it was.

Seer Fish Fry

With the fish out of the way, and still no sign of P, decided to order a plate of kababs (full plate with 6 pieces, and half plate with 3 pieces - no points of guessing what we opted for).

Chicken Kabab

We were nibbling on these for a while and discussing options for hosting a website (whether to go with GoDaddy or iPages for a domain), and just when we were done, in walked P. With no time to waste, we got down to ordering. 3 plates of appams (each plate having 2), a chicken stew, a veg stew, and a plate of gobi manchurian as there weren't too many other veg dishes available for P.

Chicken Stew

I know the chicken stew has chicken, but they could have added a couple of veggies as well just to give it some substance, but at the prices they were charging, you'd have to be a madman to complain. The manchurian was nice - spicy and with MSG in it, the appams actually tasted better with that.


Gobi Manchurian

Veg Stew

Food: Decent - don't complain at these prices.
Service: Decent
$$$: Cheap - all of the above, plus 6 bottles of aerated drinks cost us Rs. 455
Verdict: Can visit if in the area and aren't in the mood to spend too much. Skip starters and head directly for the main course. Order Kerala paratha and some chicken gravy - that's the best.

Malabar, Jeevan Bhima Nagar Main Road, Next to Coffee Day and Wang's, Bangalore


vishak said...

There's another Mallu joint close to Malabar, more of us mallus prefer that place. It's called Kairali. You should get the pootu with the fish curry or prawn curry.

Karthik Shetty said...

Could you give directions or an address along with some landmark?

civsoc said...

Opps sorry, the one next to Malabar is called Kaayal, the one in Koramangala is Kairali.

Kaavyal - No.1647/1,2nd Flr, Hal 3rd STG, Jeevanbhima Nagar, Bangalore - 560075. When you head up from 80Feet Road it will come on the right side.

If you want to check out Kairali - its next to Christ College.

Anonymous said...

Hi Friends just to inform you all..... finally there is a branch of famous Cafe Malabari of Kormangala now opened at New Thippasandra. Its serve some of the best Kerala Delicacies.....really yummyyy!!!


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