Friday, March 26, 2010

Momo Hut

Monday night, Mr P decided to celebrate his anti birthday. Wait, I'll explain what that means, don't get all 'Wha..? ' on me now. September 22 is his birthday, and March 22 is 6 months after, so he wanted to do this. His idea, not mine. So an anti birthday is one where the anti birthday boy doesn't bring gifts while the invitees foot the bill. VP and I were in early (big surprise coz usually VP is almost always late). So instead of waiting at Barista (the proposed waiting place), VP and I first headed next door to Tunday Kababi as VP was extremely hungry. Sorry, no pictures of what we had there, but the Tunday special was simply amazing (there's a legend that the original one, made from beef, was made for a king who had no teeth, so you can imagin how soft it must have been).

In any case, after eating, the rest of the gang arrived - the rest being the anti-birthday boy P, and Ms WeightConscious. After some iced teas, we had initially planned to go to Rolls united, but then decided to go some place where we could walk to as VP didn't have enough fuel and wanted to fill up first. And that's when we remembered that there's a place called Momo hut opposite Desmond's (in Koramangala itself, on the street parallel to the JNC street).

VP and I were quite full after out little adventure at Tunday's, so a plate of chicken momos (steamed) and a plate of Shaptra with Tingmo is what we ordered respectively, although knowing VP, I knew I'd have to finish off what he leaves for "the poor hungry people on the street". Shaptra is a spicy dish having peppers and onions with chicken, beef, or veggies. It's usually had with the Tingmo, which is a hand made Tibetan bun. If you look closely at the picture below, you'll notice that the top of the bun isn't dark brown like commercially available buns. I later found out that it's steamed.

Shaptra with the Tibetan bun called Tingmo

The Shaptra along with the Tingmo was really nice (I've had this before when I visited a Taste of Tibet in Langford town near St Joseph's college). The gravy wasn't super spicy as I had expected, and the Tingmo was a nice accompaniment to mop up the gravy.

Picture of just the Shaptra

As expected, VP had a couple of pieces of the momos and then said he was full, and mumbled about how the momos looked yellow and not white and what not. Now I know why I never lose weight - I end up eating whatever VP orders as well!

Chicken momos (steamed)

P & WeightConscious had the veg chowmein and both agreed it was good. P also had a bowl of egg soup. One thing to remember is that Tibetan food doesn't make use of MSG or ajinomoto like the Chinese restaurants do, and for heavens sake, don't ask them for Chinese food or make any references to China when you're at a Tibetan restaurant. I know I've used a tag 'Chinese' for this post, but that is purely for convenience, and not meant to be offensive.

Veg Chowmein

Food: Nice
$$$: Cheap
Service: Prompt
Verdict: Can visit if you're in the area and want to avoid Chinese joints serving food with MSG.

Momo Hut, 4th B Cross, opposite Desmond's and Daily Bread, Koromangala 5th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore. Phone: 40927500


Anonymous said...

well elaborated dude......... hope to c more of ur blogs
will try d place out my self

Anonymous said...

I was at this place, and a quick chat with the people there confirmed that everything there had MSG in it. Especially the momos,which were made elsewhere. The other dishes could be ordered specially without MSG, since it was being made on premises. But i am not convinced about my non MSG version either. Food's good, but it does have MSG.


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