Monday, March 8, 2010


Last week, some of the guys from my floor at work with whom I regularly have lunch decided to go out for lunch. So we'd planned to go to Italia on 100 Feet Road (the old Little Italy). However, on D-Day, we decided to abandon the plan of Italia since some of the guys weren't too keen on Italian i.e. bland food. And so a little exercise of finding out where to go ensued. Finally, we zeroed in on Chowka in Tippasandra, a place that served Rajasthani food.

I was all excited as I'd never had Rajasthani food before. So we got there and ordered the thalis. I'm not sure, but one of my friends said that you get only thalis here, so no point asking for a menu (and it seemed like everyone was having a thali). When in Rome, be a Roman. Thalis it was then.

They started off with dal baati, a kind of vada served a kind of dal. Once that was done, they came and served a multitude of vegetable side dishes that were great. Rajma, bhindi, masala aaloo, aaloo chaat, kadi and a sweet.

Dal baati

The entire thali...well, almost entire

Not real people

I didn't have dinner that night. I was happy, and full.

Chowka, #64, Muniyappa Complex, HAL 3rd Stage, New Tippasandra, Tippasandra Main Road, Bangalore. Phone: 40971000


Subha said...

Hey Karthik - its surprising u did not visit Rajdhani. Try the full fledged ones at Forum Value Mall or UB City. Nice Rajasthani/Gujrati thali.

Karthik Shetty said...

Haven't had the chance to visit the one at UB City, but I have visited the one in Forum, although not for a complete thali meal. Will try it sometime. Thanks.

aarti said...

Daal baati churma. baati is made from wheat flour. People who have never tasted authentic gujarati food will like rajdhani(its overrated). Chowka and NH8 has actual rajasthani thali.

Karthik you should visit gujarat and eat varieties of food.


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