Thursday, September 2, 2010

BM Review: Plan B

So when I heard about this place from Ruth and Sudhakar, especially the fact that they served beef and pork, I knew I absolutely had to visit it, review or no review. But in fact I did end up reviewing the place, and here's where it is. A couple of mistakes, and so my apologies to my guests, coz the labeling of their names seems to have gone a bit awry in what's ended up in the papers.

So my guests were a former quizzing team-mate of mine from college, Srusti, and a couple of his ex-colleagues from Thought Works (Judy & Tejas), P and VP, and also HPDude. And little did I know that the opinions would be as diverse as they were at the end of the meal. Judy and Tejas thought the chilli fried pork wasn't cooked well enough, while on the other hand, VP and I loved it. There were no complaints about the pandi curry though; all meat eaters dug into it. The wings could have done with some more 'meat' on them, but tasted good otherwise.

Spicy wings

Cheesy fries

Since Srushti wasn't too fond of red meat, he ordered the chicken satay, which turned out to be decent.


Pandi curry

Chilli fried pork

For the main course, VP immediately pointed out to the black board and said he's having the smoked pork chops. Straight away, let me say that those were the best chops I've had. E.V.E.R. Truly fabulous.

Smoked pork chops

Judy settled for the chicken lasagna, which turned out to be quite nice, with a good amount of cheese mixed in it.

Chicken lasagna

Srushti's jerk chicken steak was good, but not 'jerky' enough if you ask me. The jerk spices weren't very prominent and I thought it could have done with a bit more, but Srushti liked it the way it was.

Jerk chicken steak

P had the stir fried vegetables, which turned out to be just ok. 'Passable', he said, 'but nothing special'.

Stir fried vegetables with herbed rice

The burgers here are truly amazing. Tejas had the Juicy Lucy, a huge beef patty (probably the biggest in Bangalore) while HPDude had the Don't be a chicken burger. Both were great, with the Juicy Lucy living up to its name. I had a pulled pork sandwich, having spicy cured pork, and I couldn't have enough of it. If I hadn't filled myself up with the starters, I'd have had another one for sure.

Don't be a chicken burger

Pulled pork sandwich

Juicy Lucy

The desserts need some work done on them (at the time of writing this, one of the co-owners assured me that the desserts section has had a complete overhaul). The chocolate truffle seemed a little old, and had a 'stale' taste to it, while the oreo cheesecake tasted good, but seemed to a have a little more gelatin added to it, making it a lot stiffer that it should have been. The apple pie though, was quite good, with a liberal dose of cinnamon (who wouldn't like cinnamon I ask!).

Chocolate truffle with ice cream

Oreo cheesecake

Apple pie

Food: Apart from the desserts, the rest of the food was superb.
$$$: I guess this is what I'd call standard Bangalore rates - a bill of close to 3500, with 5% service charge for 7 people, with a couple of alcoholic drinks.
Service: Decent
Verdict: Can give Windsor Pub some serious run for its money. Must visit.

Plan B, #20, Ground Floor, Castle Street, Off Brigade Road, Bangalore. Phone: 41119225.


Captain Subtext said...

I miss Bangalore every time I go through a post of yours.

For some reason the RSS on your site, or whatever my Blog List uses to track blogs seems to have misbehaved (I really don't know, being one of the most technologically challenged bloggers in the universe), as I seem to have missed a couple of your last posts.

Wouldn't have missed the iftaar raid one otherwise. I so miss beef in this Shiv Sena and BJP land (and, yeah, Bangalore's restaurants :D).

Karthik Shetty said...

Well, maybe you didn't miss the iftaar post...I posted it just before posting the Plan B post. Work nowadays allows for little time with the blog, so posts come in clumps :)

Suhas said...

Man this place is definitely on my "must do" list now. I'm a windsor pub loyalist but would welcome any competition and am looking forward to comparing the pandi curry here with WP's.

Here's a weird coincidence. A few years ago, I started a thread on orkut's bangalore restaurants forum, wanting to know "where do you get good pork in Bangalore?" The only guy who replied was the same Thashvin (unusual name which is why I clearly remember it) and his reply was something along the lines of "forget Bangalore, make a trip to Coorg instead." Look's like he finally answered the question!

Karthik Shetty said...

It is really good, and this guy Thashvin is a Kodava himself, so it's really no surprise that there's pandi curry here. And really, it's very sad that although this place serves some fantastic beef and pork, the govt's plan to ban beef may hit them hard...oh, and it'll hit you and me hard as well!

Sassy Fork said...

What photoes!!

Karthik Shetty said...

@Sassy: I take it to mean that they're reasonably ok :)


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