Thursday, September 30, 2010

BM Review: Golmaal Paratha

Apologies, apologies. Sorry for putting this up sooner on the blog. Was very busy last week with some stuff at home, and got done only last night. A couple of weeks back, I visited Golmaal Paratha to review it for The Bangalore Mirror. My guests were an old classmate of mine from school, someone who's been my classmate from LKG all the way to 10th, and in 11th and 12th, I took science while he opted for the commerce stream, but continued to be in the same school. The other guests were another old school-mate who's into doing background verification and his girl. The review can be read here.

We started off with something to drink - lassi, buttermilk, and a ginger-mint jaljeera. The ginger-mint jaljeera was the best drink of the evening - cool, refreshing, and yet not over-powering. The menu has 99 parathas to choose from, apart from the lassis. 99 is a big number, and for a place that serves parathas that are almost a foot in diameter, giving so many choices isn't good - confusion prevails I say!

Mint & ginger jaljeera


Sweet lassi

They'd run out of mutton by the time we got there. Mind you, we were actually pretty early - in by about 7:45 PM, and they were already out! I guess some mutton-loving monster must've stopped by in the afternoon and cleaned out the mutton. So eventually, we settled for 6 different parathas - chicken tikka, chicken masala, Jaipur mixed veg, mushroom-cheese, and two other parathas I can't remember now - just as well because these 4 were the star attractions (of the 6 we ordered).

Each paratha comes in a thali with 6 condiments on the side - pickle, curd, sauce/red chutney, mint chutney, onions, chole masala. And there was a solitary green chili on each paratha - correctly guessed, that's there in case you want to turn into a fire-breathing dragon!

Jaipur mixed veg paratha

Chicken tikka paratha

The mushroom-cheese was superb. Not withstanding my love for mushrooms, it was given the thumbs-up by all at the table. The chicken tikka too was quite good, as the chicken had not dried out and become a clump of dried leaves under the paratha. The Jaipur veg was also quite tasty, although one of my guests found it a bit salty for his liking, although the rest of us didn't.

For desserts, there was rabri, kulfi, and dahi bhalla (more or less a dahi vada). They were nice, but not special. Overall, great meal, and t'was great to catch up with my old classmates.

Rabri (left), and the two kulfis (falooda-like)

Nawabi dahi bhalla

Food: Very good
$$$: Total value for money.
Service: Good
Verdict: Must visit if you like parathas.

Golmaal Paratha, KHB Colony, 5th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore. Phone - 4208 5757


Eveline said...

I can’t take it. That looks sooooo good!
Doesn't honesty feel good? Yours is a springboard for others. This blog is going to be very important. I can feel it! :)

Karthik Shetty said...

Thanks Eveline. Yup, honesty may be a bi*** at times, but she sure as hell feels good and right :)

Anonymous said...

Golmaal paratha at jayanagar 4th block sucks

nitesh shetty said...

Had been to the place a few months back. I thought the stuffing was sparse and was more 'chapati' like!

Karthik Shetty said...

@Anonymous: I haven't visited the branch in 4th block, but thanks for the info.

@Nitesh: It seemed more than sufficient when we visited :)


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