Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Monster burger

So Mondays are usually dreary and dull. We all know that. And when you've got to stay back at work a little longer, and then end up slowing things so that you can leave once traffic thins out, you know it's a bad day. And while leaving office I remembered that Thulp has this new burger called Mother of all Moos, and what better time to try it than now.

Wrong answer, trust me. I reached Thulp and ordered it, almost feeling like Adam Richman from the show Man vs Food. When the burger came, I gulped hard. It was a good thing I hadn't had anything to eat since lunch, coz I was going to need all the real estate my stomach could offer to park this monster. Just look at the size...it was nearly as big as the plate in diameter. The bun itself was huge, and it contained two huge beef patties, along with bacon, cheese, and the rest of the burger additives.

Mother of all moos

I didn't even bother with the fries and the salad, and straight away cut the burger into two and started with one half. The burger was delicious as ever, and the bacon made things better (ever hear of anything that's tasted bad AFTER bacon was added? Did I hear no? I thought so).

Midway through the burger...yes, after the first half, I knew I had to slow things down (I wasn't timing myself, but I knew that I was almost full already), and so I cut the remaining half into two again, and slowly began chomping away. I never knew I'd struggle to finish one burger, although the size was huge. In the past, the feeling of being full would come after some starters and after the main course, where dessert would sometimes be a stretch.

After the meal

I don't know how to describe the feeling, but rest assured it was one my brain had difficulty adjusting too. My taste buds were happy, my stomach too full to enjoy anything. Every time I burped, I tasted the burger. Every breath I took made my stomach scream back at me, trying to make me understand that there wasn't enough room for me to take such large breaths of air as there wasn't enough room for my lungs to expand. Take my advice, unless you're a big hulk of a guy (or girl, I use guy as an alternative for 'person'), DO NOT attempt to finish this behemoth in one sitting. And if you do want to try to, then do so for lunch, so that you'll have more time to digest it while being awake. Yeah, whatever you do, DO NOT sleep after eating this. I don't know if I'll be trying this one again anytime soon. Maybe I'll starve a whole day and then come to spend about 2 hours at Thulp to down this one, fries and all.


nitesh shetty said...

Wow...I thought the burger couldnt get any bigger than Moos your daddy! This is a must try....is it really as big as you said it is?

boozy said...

haha..great post!

ruth said...

Hehehe.. I can actually picture you giving out interview "Adam Richman" style after finishing that burger... :)

Karthik Shetty said...

@Nitesh: Believe me, this one is huuuuge!

@Ruth: Hahaha, even trying to talk could have resulted in parts of the burger coming back outta my mouth (if you catch my drift) :) This thing is filling, although I think it's got to do more with the beef than anything else. Over the years, I've noticed that between same quantities of beef and chicken, beef fills me up faster than chicken, so I guess I wouldn't have huffed and puffed as much if it were chicken, but this is all guessing :)

Mymoon said...

it looks totally yum....going to thulp tom, will definitely try it! Great review!

Captain Subtext said...

Ah, a fellow Richman fan (or Man vs Food fan at least)! Have not seen many Indian joints with portions that huge. It sort of reminds me of DBC at Corner House (another thing about Bangalore I miss terribly in Mumbai) - tried it once and then couldn't bear looking at chocolate for a couple of weeks.

Thulp goes into my itinerary for the next Bangalore trip for sure.


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