Sunday, June 19, 2011

Malaysian Hawker Fare Food Festival

There is a food festival "The Malaysian Street Hawker Fare" at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Electronics City. Here's a summary:

Malaysia is known for its exotic and sundry street food which reflects the impact of the multicultural aspects. After the success of our Maharashtrian Food Festival we bring to you this next journey of discovery to explore this unique melting pot - that is - The Malaysian Street Hawker Fare. The Malaysian Hawker Fare will hit you with a variety of exotic and tantalizing dishes with a hint of Indian, Chinese and South-East Asian influences to be experienced.

Explaining the cuisine as a gourmet extravaganza Malaysian chefs Chef Sous, Mohamed Haniff and Demi Chef de Partie - Nor Halis Shafik specially flown in from the sister property in Kuala Lumpur for the event shares few secrets from the Menu such as, “Kambing berempah dengan kentang (Lamb stew with lemon grass and coriander), Nasi goreng kampong (Authentic malaysian fried rice), Bami Goreng (Authentic malaysian fried noodles) and Lepat pisang (Steamed banana wrap cake)”.
The celebrations begin on the 13th of June up to the 24th of June for Lunch Buffet at 24@43 (Crowne Plaza Bengaluru, Electronics City)

Cost per head: lunch buffet – Rs. 395 (plus taxes) per person; ala carte dinner – Rs. 1500 (plus taxes) for 2
Contact: 080 3985 4700
Lunch Buffet: Monday - Friday


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