Monday, June 27, 2011

It's been 3 years

To all the readers, snoopsters (I made that word up right now), lurkers, slurpers, burpers, and everyone else far and in between, Gastronomical G-spot completes 3 years today. From a blog that started out as an outlet for my cooking experiments to writing about food that passed on my plate, to eventually 'reviewing' restaurants as an outcome of 'demands' made by readers of the blog (I didn't even know people followed the blog back then), it's been a joyful path that the blog has meandered through. Now I wouldn't want to dramatise this and say "the blog has come a long way" - quite simply because it hasn't - so to put me in a position where 3 years from now I'll be able to say with authority that the blog has come a long way, I'd like to ask you, my readers, if there's something different you'd like to see or read about to continue to be kept informed (because that's all my blog does - inform you), then please do let me know.

As a proponent of total free speech, all criticism and slamming and whamming of me and the blog will be accepted and published in the comments below, except for socially disturbing language (this too is a phrase I conjured up just now, so I'll have an added task of coming up with a definition for it) - simply because it would spoil it for all other readers (unless of course it's universally funny). Suggestions given shall be incorporated wherever possible as long as they don't stray from the underlying ethos and spirit of the blog (once again, I'll have to figure out what it is first). So please feel free with thoughts and ideas, both here in the comments' section as well as on the Facebook page. And no, I'm not paying you for this, but if I think someone's really given me something challenging and enjoyable to work with that I think is a winner of an idea, I might just sponsor a meal for two at one of the places covered here of the winners choice (of course, I'll be one of the two that I speak of).

And so on this day (coincidentally also happens to be the birthday of an extremely close friend), I think the first thing I'll try to change about my writing style is to use shorter sentences and not put so many things in brackets. Stay tuned to the blog, there could be a windfall in terms of meals... I have spoken too much, not another word.


Bangalore's Restaurants said...

Hey there
Congrats!! 3 years...And nooooo.... continue with the long sentences and the bracketed words... they are so much more fun to read. Can't think of any additions for you to make to the blog... I love it just the way it is... but will keep you posted if some thoughts come up.

So are you planning on cooking up something special for the 3rd birthday? That would be a nice post!

Anonymous said...

i know it's a little late, but congratulations! 3 YEARS! I am impressed!

Keep up the great work, although i am not a foodie per say, I like reading your blog - there's a very down-to-earth quality about your writing that makes readers feel like you talk to them and not at them.


Karthik Shetty said...

Thanks a lot Neha. " to them and not at them." - very interesting like, and apart from the fact that this is the first time someone's said it, it sounds nice :) Thanks


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