Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Café Masala

Another one of the BJN group's restaurants in the city, Cafe Masala is located on the top of Eva Mall on Brigade Road. We went for dinner when they had a special buffet of unlimited kababs and curries that would be served at the table to go with their regular spread. And my apologies, I forgot to click away when the starters were served to us and remembered only when it was time to head towards the main spread.

The soup, I forget what it was, was good (tasted good, but nothing special). Among from the kababs and the curries that were served to us at the table, the lamb dish that was served was particularly good. The salads, which were part of the spread, were kept in little bowls and that was a very nice idea as it mandated that the diner wouldn't stuff himself or herself with too much salad and not leave any room for the main course. Sadly, this concept was not followed by us while having the starters served at the table and were almost full by the time we were done with the salads.

Since we were pretty full (especially me), and since I was suffering from a severe throat infection, I couldn't have any of the desserts and so didn't even bother clicking away. However, the main course was nice: biryani in a pot, chicken (2 kinds), mutton, and fish were nice and did justice to the Rs. 399 we paid. The desserts looked very good, with two ice creams, several types of pastries, gulab jamoons, and some kind of pudding (for those who've visited other BJN restaurants, this shouldn't come as a surprise).

Nice place to visit, and the view is good as sitting high above, you're not shown eve a glimpse of the traffic below, while a person sings English and Hindi songs while playing the keyboard.

Café Masala, Eva Mall, Brigade Road, Bangalore.

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