Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Limelight - Royal Orchid Coffee Shop

Team lunches are always fun - we get to eat at the someone else's expense, and this time around it was at the company's expense. This time we chose to go to Limelight, the coffee shop at the Royal Orchid hotel on the old airport road. The only disappointment was the fact that in spite of calling and making reservations, when we got there, our names were surprisingly missing from the register; but it wasn't a problem as they were able to make arrangements for the 14 of us within 5 minutes.

The spread was pretty decent: the salads and cold cuts were nice (what you'd expect at a place like Royal Orchid) while the hummus and the pita bread were very nice, although I must warn you that it is an acquired taste and not all may like it. The chicken Manchow soup was nice and hot, perfect to get your appetite on the right path,

while among the cold cuts, the fish and lamb were particularly tasty among the non-veg items and the hummus and pita bread, along with the mushrooms and paneer were particularly delightful.

The main course offered use the usual fare of Indian breads, along with a variety of curries: chicken, mutton, fish, paneer, Thai green curry, and also an Italian stuffed pasta that was simply wonderful.

And now for the best part of every meal, the desserts. There was enough items to make a main course itself! From rasgullas to souffles, from tarts to pastries, they were there in all shapes and sizes and colours.

Food: Good (continental cuisine)
$$$: I think the buffet was around 400 or so per head, and for the spread they had, it was totally worth it.
Service: Buffet - what service do you expect?
Verdict: Can visit if you fancy a conti buffet amidst a nice surrounding lawn.

The Royal Orchid, 1 Golf Avenue, Adjoining KGA Golf Course, Old Airport Road, Bangalore


Balu said...

Good blog going Karthik ... you should be trying at Koramangla as well.. Bangalore is a cool place for a foodie...

Even I occasionally blog about some worthy places..

enjoy maadi !

Karthik Shetty said...

thank you, I've visited places in Koramangala before I started the food blog, so round 2 may take a bit longer :)

Yasmin Fathima said...

I have a wedding reception to be organized in bangalore. Could you please suggest good buffet lunch hotel near indira nagar area/mg road.


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