Friday, August 29, 2008

Punjabi Rasoi

The most vocal of dancing girls from our group of 20 who joined GXS on the same day has put in her papers, and what's more, Monday is her last day!!! So a few remnants of the original 20 decided to step out close by for a quick lunch. Since we work in different teams, and in different buildings, we don't get to meet up as often as we'd like, and it's usually during such times that we meet up.

Since it was going to be a quick affair, and since the place is fairly quick when it comes to serving the food, we ordered a plate of tangdi kabab (sorry for the blurry image, it's 4 chicken legs marinated in a mixture of curd, corriander paste, chillies),
and a plate of gobi (cauliflower) fry.
Both starters were good, and the chicken was particularly juicy, which was such a relief, because it can easily be over cooked in an over-enthusiastic wave.

For main course, the usual Punjabi fare: rotis and curry. We had lachcha paranthas and phulkas, along with a mutton curry (roghan josh),

and those who eat the food of the holy Indian cows ordered a bhindi masala (lady's finger or okra).

The mutton was tender and the spices were just right for the palate, while the okra was done well and again, not over-powering. There feelings are always a little morose when someone from your group decides to call it a day and move on to a new company, for a better opportunity in this enormous rat race that we techies are part of. And for any American reading this, no pal, I didn't steal your job. I got the job 'coz I'm good at what I do, and the fact that I'm not paid as much as you would have been paid for the same job isn't something that's in my control, so don't even bother going down that path. Anyways, it's food I discuss here, not politics, which I do in my other blog, so let's bring this to a close.

Food: Decent
:$$$: Value for money
Service: Can vary depending on the crowd
Verdict: Not expensive, so if in the vicinity, hop in.

Punjabi Rasoi, #152/1, 2nd Main, Near Juice Junction & Just Bake, Indiranagar, Bangalore. Phone: 23339171, 23338064

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Neetha said...

Hey!! There is a Punjabi Rasoi in HSR Now!! We had been to that place & enjoyed the food.


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