Sunday, November 30, 2008

Copper Chimney

After a tumultuous 3 days from Wednesday night to early Saturday morning, Mr VP and I decided to go out for lunch to Copper Chimney, a Mughlai restaurant on the 5th floor of Bangalore Central. Inevitably, we got around to talking about the attacks in Mumbai, and about the government is never pro-active but always reactive towards incidents. But that's for the other blog, Shetty's Take, not here. But trust me, even writing this seems like a Herculean effort right now, and I don't think this will be the best piece penned down by me (or typed out, whatever).

As soon as we entered the place, I liked it. Nothing spectacular, but just the fact that the bar looked nice, and the furniture looked strong, and everything around us was spic and span made me feel good about this place. And the fact that they allowed the two of us to sit at a table for 6 was even better!

We always wanted to try out the biryani at this place, and so decided to go easy with the rest of the food. We started off with a chicken soup, which wasn't a creamy variety and tasted pretty good. It wasn't too thick or too thin, and that made Mr VP happy, since he doesn't like creamy soups, or ones that are too watery or too thick.

We followed up the soup with a plate of achari murgh tikka, which was perfect - just the right amount of spiciness to whet the appetite and prepare us for the biryani.

The dum biryani was something very different. For one, it's fragrance was wonderful. What's more, it wasn't too sticky or greasy, and after eating it we didn't feel unnecessarily full, as usually most places add a bit (quite a bit) of soda to rice items and that tends to fill you up pretty fast. Although not too full, we decided to skip the breads and go for dessert, although I'd heard that the taftan, a kind of naan bread, was supposed to be wonderful here.

For dessert, I ordered something called a Muzaffar, which was something like a rabdi, with some crispy thingies sprinkled on top (that they could have skipped, because it didn't feel too good in the mouth). Otherwise, this was a very nice dish and I quite liked the taste.

Mr VP ordered a malai firni, and I kept eying his dish until finally he said "I can't finish it" and I gobbled it up with glee. It was really good, and the first time I'd had it.

I think I'm going to visit this place again sometime, although it would be in more pleasant times (hopefully).

Food: Good (one of the better north Indian dining places)
$$$: Moderately expensive
Service: Decent
Verdict: Visit if in the vicinity

Copper Chimney, Bangalore Central, near Mayo Hall, Bangalore. Phone: 66111800, 66111900


Anonymous said...

how much is the saturday buffet costs in copper Chimney?

Karthik Shetty said...

I'm sorry, we didn't try the buffet. Actually I didn't know there was a buffet, so I guess you'll have to call and check.

Anonymous said...

hi! fiance's bday is cumin up...n i wantd 2 kno if this was a good enough place to have a quiet dinner for 2??...and ny idea how much it wud cost appro??

Karthik Shetty said...

If your fiance likes Indian cuisine, then yes, it's a nice place, but there are several equally good/better places than Copper Chimney (depending on your budget) - The Bay Leaf (North Indian food - Koramangala Raheja Arcade), Jalsa (Mughlai food - Marathahalli), Sahib Sindh Sultan (Mughlai/North Indian food - Forum), Bombay Post (North Indian food - next to TGIF, opposite Diamond District, Old Airport Rd). But again, these are just alternatives. Copper Chimney is a good place, and you should be able to get the 'quiet' there in spite of it being inside a mall. A meal for two here, with starters, main course and dessert will be close to 600-1000 (depending on veg or non-veg and your appetite). Have a great time.

Anonymous said...

:)...thnk u!!...


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