Monday, June 1, 2009

Alibaba Cafe

Saturday evening was when Mr P, VP, my brother (let's call him Spook) and I were to go out to watch Angels & Demons. The afternoon was going to be a bore and so I took my bro out for lunch, since it was the last two days of his vacation before the start of college. We went to this place called Alibaba Cafe and Restaurant in Frazer Town.

I'd heard a lot about this place, and was itching to go there. I'd also read that the tea served here was supposed to be superb, so I ordered an Irani Tea, and true to what I'd heard, this tea was simply fantastic. The aromas emanating from the glass were truly refreshing, and although it didn't require any sugar (because it wasn't bitter like regular tea without sugar), I plonked in a cube, which still didn't alter the taste too much and I still had a wonderful cuppa tea.
My bro had something called a Saudi Champagne - a mixture of apple juice, lemon juice and soda. For starters, since there were just two of us, and my brother hasn't got half the appetite I have, we just ordered a special kabab platter called the Bakhtiyari kabab, which was a mixture of mutton and chicken from two other kabab dishes - joojeh kabab (chicken) and chebeh kabab (mutton). The chicken was succulent, while the mutton was rich in flavour.

The menu is divided into 3 sections: Arabian, Persian, and Bhatkal (coastal Karnataka, North Canara dist.). For our main course, we ordered from the Arabian section, a chicken dish called gulgul.

Spook had a Kerala Paratha and a kuboos, the traditional Arab bread you usually have hummus with.

I ordered a couple of gawa polis, traditional Bhatkal parathas made from wheat.

For dessert, I went traditional again, and ordered something called a shaufa pana, a pudding made from dil leaves and egg. Although I was in a mood to experiment, I really didn't expect the dessert to be as tasty as it turned out to be. It was simply amazing. It kind of had the effect that a good mouth freshener has at the end of a meal. I think this is one of the best Indian desserts I've had in a long, long time, and it may just be one of the best I've ever had. Simply amazing.

This place isn't too heavy on the wallet either - well, ok, I guess that's a relative thing, but the two of us ate whatever was mentioned above for Rs. 541, which included a 5% service charge, but I had no problem leaving another 5% because I was thoroughly impressed with the food.

Alibaba Cafe & Restaurant, No. 69, 1st Floor, MM Road, Frazer Town, Bangalore. Phone: 40917163.


tragicomixx said...

hey i lived in frazer town for the longest time till a year back this AliBaba Cafe a recently opened joint?
and damn it, now im hungry! :(

glad you liked the posts....keep comin over.

Anonymous said...

The place is beautiful in the evening. It has great food.
Its a must go to place. The koobideh (Minced Irani Kebab) is mouth watering. Their dessert(Ome Ali) is also a must eat.

Karthik Shetty said...

@ Dr.Tragicomixx: Alibaba cafe has been there for a long time. I'm surprised you didn't know about it living in Frazer Town.

@ Anony: Haven't had the chance to go there in the evening, but will certainly try to. And they only had 3 desserts available when I went - the one I ate, and two 2 other dishes which had ice-cream (which is why i skipped them).

Suhas said...

Hey, this is an old Frazer Townian, currently in the US. Your review has definitely made me want to try out the place first thing when I'm next in B'lore. And 541 for all that isn't bad either!

PS: Doubt you would remember me, but I used to run into you at a lot of quizzes during my RV days. Must say this blog is right up my alley...Bangalore and food! Keep the reviews coming.

Karthik Shetty said...

Suhas from RV? I'm going to use the old "I think I'm getting old" ruse this time...did you have a nickname that you were popularly known by? A picture in your profile would help :)

Keep coming over for reviews, I don't think I'll be stopping anytime soon.


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