Sunday, June 14, 2009


My mom had to attend a seminar for psychiatrists on Sunday afternoon, and so it was a perfect opportunity for me try out Aquasphere, a place I'd been waiting to visit ever since I leanrt of its existence. And so my brother and I went there for lunch, and I had clear instructions for my brother - no chicken, only sea food is what we'll be ordering.

It was a slightly long drive, but worth it, because upon entering the place you're straightaway put at ease by the soothing light blue colours inside the restaurant, and the large aquarium there on the wall adds to the setup. My only grouse was the fact that the seats are carved out of stone/concrete, and so you can't move/adjust the seats, ergo, no point in adjusting the table since the person on the opposite side would be inconvenienced. Apart from that, I think everything about the food was good. My brother, as usual, had to have something to drink, but thankfully, this time he didn't go for his usual mango based drink, but had a blue curacao based drink called Caribbean Blue.
I settled for a spicy hot crab soup, and the amount of spices was just right - not hot enough that you'd be breathing out fire like an ancient Chinese dragon, but just enough to whet your appetite.
For appetizers, we ordered a plate of prawn wontons, oily (expected) but tasting great, especially with the garlic sauce they gave.
Apart from the wontons, we ordered a seafood basket, which consisted of crab, squid rings, prawns, and two types of fish. You have an option of tandoor (not spicy) style or Thai (spicy). Since my brother doesn't eat spicy food, it had to be tandoor style.
Apart from the fishes in the aquarium and the seafood on our plates, there was a little bunny hopping around the place, quite to the amusement of a couple of kids who had come to the restaurant. Seen here below, the little fellow (or felli?) was spending some time at my feet.
For our main course, I ordered a seer fish sizzler, Thai style, which came along with flat noodles, and tasted great.
My brother ordered a chicken sizzler, continental style, that came with fries and boiled vegetables (I allowed him to have chicken for the mains - a change of heart :) ).
Another pic of bugs.

Food: Fairly good
$$$: Fairly expensive (roughly 300-500 per head depending on the size of the group you're in).
Service: Ok, nothing special
Verdict: Worth a visit ONLY if you're in the area.

Aquasphere, 17, Sri Rama Layout, 1st Main, Next To Elita Promenade, just outside Brigade Millenium main gate, 7th Phase, JP Nagar, Bangalore. Phone: 41329017, 41329674


Suhas said...

Sounds like a place I might enjoy even though it's way far from where our place is in Bangalore. Speaking of seafood joints, ever been to Tiger Bay on MG Road? Always wanted to try it but never ended up going there somehow.

Karthik Shetty said...

Yes, it's pretty far from the central areas of the city. I'd been to Tiger Bay a long time back, well before I started blogging. It was very good back then, I'm guessing it still is.

Ashwin said...


May I recommend two sites that might be of interest to you:

Its a blog from one more burrper. There are a bunch of reviews for Bangalore resturant too.

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