Sunday, June 14, 2009

Clay Oven

Friday evenings are a little tricky - I'm never quite sure what I should be doing. P and VP were leaving office early, and decided to stop by at the latest coffee shop near my office on 100 feet road called Gloria Jean's Coffee. So I walked down there after work, and we sat discussing stuff, and eventually got down to discussing where we'd go for dinner.

KS: So where do we go for dinner?
VP: Kund...
P: Yeah, I'm not in the mood for any fancy food
KS: Kund is fancy
VP: No it isn't
KS: What? Indian food can't be fancy?
VP: It can, but it's more about the cost, etc, etc.
KS: Kund isn't cheap, it's the normal Bangalore fare
P: OK, let's go to Shanti Sagar
KS: If that's the case, there's a better place on CMH Road called Gokul Veg, we might as well
head there... Oh, Egg Factory?
P: Egg Factory's good..
KS: Oh, that isn't fancy now??? Forget, let's go to Kund itself.

While walking down, we crossed Cake Walk, and adjacent to it we see this place called Clay Oven. There used to be a place called Hot Wok there earlier, dishing out some really decent Chinese and Thai food, so I was a bit surprised that it shut shop. Clay Oven sounded nice. "Why not!" we said in unison. And so Clay Oven it was.

As soon as we walked in, we got the fragrance from incense sticks or oils, and it smelt great. The menu looked good as well - shaped differently, and the food inside, although the usual North Indian/Mughlai affair, seemed a little different. But as usual, we started off with a cream of mushroom soup. The soup was good - creamy and hot, and seasoned well. However, I'd like to add that apart from Herbs and Spices, I've never had an authentic cream of mushroom - the thick kind.

Appetizers were again more or less the same - paneer tikka for P, which was nice and soft, made in-house.

VP and I decided not to go for the chicken starters, and settled in for garlic prawns. Thankfully, the garlic wasn't overpowering, and the prawns were cooked just right.

For our main course ,we decided to skip the usual India breads (roti, naan, kulcha, etc), and ordered a chicken biryani and a peas pulav, along with two side dishes - a chicken razooli (chicken in an onion gravy) and a methi mushroom. The food was very good. And the best part, since this place is new, the prices aren't too high either.

After dinner, we went back to Gloria Jean's for P's sake - he wanted to have a shot of coffee before going home.

Wallet Factor: I don't quite remember, but the bill for all that we had was around 1200 or thereabouts, which wasn't too much.

Clay Oven, next to Cake Walk, 100 Feet Road, Indiranagar, Bangalore. Phone: 25205393, 41611644

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Picky said...

Tried Clay Oven after reading ur blog, and god, it's superb!! Unlike you, I tried all Veg stuff, and their Dal Makhni...what a great taste.. All Paneer preparations simply yummy... I added a good north Indian food joint to my kitty, thanks to you!


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