Monday, July 6, 2009

Big Chill, New Delhi

My Last night in Delhi, and Neo, his brother Morpheus(?), and a couple of other friends of the fairer sex, both daughters of army officers (Neo himself is the son of an army officer), went out to this place called Big chill, in an area called Khan Market which supposedly has one of the highest property rates in Asia or some jazz like that...basically the real estate value is super high. So after driving from his house to the Khan Market area, we got to the restaurant only to be told we'd have to wait a while to get a table. So we pranced around the place, deciding if we should go to a different restaurant, when suddenly, Neo's phone buzzed - it was the restaurant and they had seats for us. Cool.

Big Chill reminded me of TGIF and Chili's combined together - from the way the decor is inside to the options in the menu (minus the booze), and specifically the prices - boy, one thing's for certain, we can get the same food they serve there for lesser here in Bangalore. In any case, this wasn't Bangalore, it was Delhi, so no comparing. We started with a round of milk shakes and iced teas, and shortly after that, we went in for the main course.

I had a chicken in red wine, served with fetuccine.
I must say this is one of the better chicken dishes I've had, especially since you usually eat pasta with some kind of cheesy sauce (unless you're eating spaghetti with meat sauce). One of the ladies had already had her dinner, and so she settled for a smoked chicken salad which came with sun-dried tomatoes.
It was the first time I popped just sun-dried tomato into my mouth, and along with the vinaigrette, it had a pleasant tangy taste.

Neo went in for a chicken pepper stake,
and going by the speed he got done with it, it's safe to say that he liked what he ate and didn't have anything to complain about.

Morpheus decided to skip dinner (he'd just got betrothed and I guess the realisation of it was hitting home), while the other lady in the group decided to have a fish peri-peri, which was fish in a mustard sauce.
All of agreed that the fish tasted a little too tangy for what could have been a wonderful dish.

For desserts, a Bailey's tiramisu was ordered by the peri-peri girl, and just the one spoon I took was enough to make my eyes nearly pop out - I wasn't prepared for it to be as strong as it was, so driving after eating this could be dicey.
Neo had a blueberry cheesecake, and polished it off neatly.
As for dear old me, I settled for a simple chocolate mousse, which turned out to be a little too choclatey, but when you're in the zone, these minor things usually don't matter.

For the wallet factor, well, let's put it this way - the chicken in red wine with fetuccine was almost 400 bucks, and at the end of the meal, since we split, we all paid around 500-600 each, which was slightly on the higher side, since we only had 3 main courses, a salad, 3 desserts and 5 shakes (the shakes were around the 200 mark). Let's face, I can get similar and equally good if not better food at Bangalore Bistro for less, and the service wasn't all that great either, so although the food tasted good, the price wasn't entirely justifiable.

Big Chill, 68A, Khan Market, New Delhi
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Neo said...

Morpheus.. really? :P Shall get him to read and comment!! :)
You definitely are right about the fact that the price isn't entirely justifiable, but having said that, its still the place to get good dessert and milk shakes.
I forgot to order the stuffed potato with ham and cheese which is well, lets just say "Worth it!"
Until next time...

Karthik Shetty said...

Notice the (?) after the name...that's coz I was at a loss for an apt name, and what better name to complement Neo :)

the blogger formerly known as sansmerci said...

wow a delhi foodie! i write reviews for delhi restaurants too at do u write there? m sure u wud b already! i get free movie tickets for my good reviews :)

Karthik Shetty said...

Actually I'm a Bangalore foodie, and used to regularly review at (my reviews there have thinned out now...I think burrp's lost the initial charm with all the jazz they've introduced)... I was in Delhi to attend a friend's wedding, and ended up visiting Kareem's, All American Diner, and the Big Chill, hence the posts about these places.

Ashwin said...

^ I agree. The name is burrp but they have movie theatres, spa, salons to be reviewed. I have complained to them but to no avail. Also most restaurant owners are posting pseudo reviews either praising their restaurant or blasting competing restaurants nearby. The rating concept has gone to garbage. Really a good concept gone bad.


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