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I don't even know why I'm writing this, but then again, since it's good to let people know what's good and what isn't, I hope this will help. Popsies isn't what it used to be - in fact, it's just a shadow of it's former self. I guess that's the sad reality we live in. One would have hoped that with time, establishments, like living beings, would evolve to something better, but in the f&b world, it's quite the other way around (exceptions to the rule are bound to be there). The service which used to be prompt and eager is now lethargic and a drag. The food that used to have the ubiquitous Indianised Chinese feeling to it, with agi no moto and a whole lot of pieces of shredded meat and veggies. The place is the same, but I guess the above two factors have contributed to a loss in charm. Sigh!

We started off with a veg soup
and a couple of plates of momos: chicken fried momos and
veg steamed momos.

One thing I've decided is to never have fried momos again, not at Popsies at least. It's not that these were bad, but the steamed momos I've had elsewhere are so much better. Maybe the momos to be had are the steamed ones, and I didn't know about it all along. If that's the case, well, now I know, and if it isn't, well, my bad.

Along with discussions ranging from which movies to watch the coming week to the movie we had just watched that night (Transformers 2 I think), the main course arrived, and just as fast as we spoke, the waiters looked a bit harried, as if they were eager to close the place early for fear of missing their favourite midnight TV serial. We ordered two kinds of fried rice - an egg fried rice
and a chicken fried rice,
and to give the rice company were a chicken dish with some kind of sauce

and a mixed vegetable dish.

As I mentioned before, there was nothing gratifying about this meal...except the bill. Both the rice dishes were the usual affair, while the chicken and veg dish didn't particularly make us go 'mmm, that's good, maybe we should come here again for more'. Well, before I forget, those douche bags were in such a hurry that while serving the main course, they managed to srop some of the gravy on Mr VP. We didn't make a big issue out of it; in fact, we didn't make it an issue at all, and that I regret. As I type this, I can feel my bp rise...we ought to have at least told them that this is unacceptable. We weren't there to mooch off free food, we were going to pay for what we ate, so the least they can do is serve the food without spilling it on us! In any case, as I started off at the beginning of this paragraph, the only thing good was that the bill was less than 500 (465 to be precise, with a couple of lime sodas and a coke). I think it's been a while since we ate for so less, because usually it's 500 per head, not the net amount.

Since I've been asked repeatedly to make these posts as proper 'reviews', I'll start adding a new block at the end of the post.

Service: Whatever
$$$: Cheap, like any other Indianised Chinese joint.
Food: OK
Verdict: Go only if you're in the area, and if you have time to kill and don't mind cheap food (even if cheap means lackadaisical food and service)

Popsies, Near Imperial, Opposite Chung Wah, 5th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore. Phone: 65659336galore

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nitesh shetty said...

this used to be my fav a few yrs ago....mainly for the price I guess! But yeh I agree, the place isnt as it used to be earlier!


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