Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Karim's, New Delhi

Mr P had told me that on the show Highway on a Platter on NDTV Good Times, the two hulks had visited Delhi and suggested that Karim's is the place to be for sheek kababs, so Karim's was on my 'to-visit' list.

I ordered a Karim's roll (which had a sheek kabab in it), and along with it, a plate of sheek kababs. Also, I had read somewhere that they serve this sweet pancake type of dish called a sheermal, and so I also had one of those.

Since I'd never had a good sheek kabab anywhere in Bangalore, this was a godsend for me, and I really liked it. The sheek cost 22 each, and I thought was totally worth it. As for the roll, it was the the same sheek rolled into a rumali roti with some pickle and creamy, butterry thingy. The sheermal was a pleasant surprise - to be eaten just like that, it was not too sweet, and neither too bland.

The previous night, a friend of mine who lives in Delhi now, took me to a street vendor in the Chawri Bazaar area (on the Lal Kuan road). For the exact location, you can check this great site that I was told about (unfortunately after I got back from Delhi). After walking for a good ten minutes from the exit of the metro station, we came across this old guy, sitting on the corner of the street, making kababs , and selling them for 4 bucks. That's right, Rs 4 for one of those, and although I couldn't tell the difference in taste between this guy's and the Kareem's kababs, the fact that for Rs 20 I got to eat 5 made me arrive at the conclusion that this guy's was better (and plus, I didn't fall sick after eating his road side ware).

The old man worked his hands like magic, with clockwork precision, and switched skewers that were done with newer ones, all the time adding the minced meat onto the skewers. I was a bit beat in the sweltering Delhi summer heat (even at night the temperature was above 40C) , and so wasn't up to getting the DSLR out and taking better pictures. One thing is for sure, though - if you wanna skip Kareem's, do so, but don't miss this guy. Chacha, keep it up!

Addendum: I just found out that the meat used by the dear old man above is buffalo meat. Now before you throw up or something, apparently buffalo meat is cheaper than chicken and cow meat, and is used on a large scale throughout several kabab/mughlai joints all over Delhi (old Delhi in particular).


Anonymous said...

Hi Karthik,
There's a great site on low cost eating options in delhi. Check it out - http://www.eoid.org/

Been following your blog for quite a while and I must say it's been a great pleasure. I remember attending a quiz you set at RNSIT sometime in '03. I was in RV and a regular on the quizzing circuit as part of the "comfortably dumb" team.

I love exploring eating options in b'lore but unfortunately don't blog about them. hope to change that soon though!

In the meanwhile keep up the good work!
santosh gowda

Karthik Shetty said...

Gowda!!! I remember you, and I remember your team 'Comfortably Dumb' as well. I think I first met you at the PESIT Mastermind quiz (which I happened to win) during the prelims. Nice to hear from you. Glad you like the blog. I actually started it for kicks, but soon, started getting people giving me feedback and actually wanting me to review the places I visit properly, with costs etc. Thanks for the Delhi eat-out link...in case I'm off to Delhi again (not in the near future), I'll be sure to look up the places in it.

Anonymous said...

Here is another blore food blog that i used to read -


it was written one half by an RV senior..sadly it's defunct now..you should also check out posts under the "food" label

i plan to do a sort of culinary journey around india visiting all the hotspots like hyd,cal,lucknow, mum,del and even chennai..the idea will be to eat local.. i hope to create a photo blog out of it. i'll keep you posted on that.


Karthik Shetty said...

The photo blog on cuisines across India is a great idea [wish I had the time to do stuff like that! ;-) ]. All the best with it, and yes, please keep me posted about it.

Suhas said...

Hey good stuff! The roadside food in Delhi looks amazing, though judging by the stuff I've read online Karim's is finding it difficult to live up to the hype. Maybe a meal with a larger crowd would be the best way to tell. So these were beef sheekh kababs then (seeing the label for this post)?

Oh, and since you weren't able to place me, I was Gowda's quizzing teammate. Should have mentioned Comfortably Dumb!

Karthik Shetty said...

To be honest, I still don't know whether it was a beef sheek or a mutton sheek...not that it matters to me :) It tasted good, and I didn't fall sick after eating it (which is all that matters) :)

I'm still not able to associate a face to your name...like I said before, if I see you, I'm sure I'll remember.


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