Thursday, November 19, 2009


I've probably visited Wanley about 20 or so times since it opened a couple of years ago, but I've never made a entry in my blog about the place. Sad. The fact that I've been there 20 times should suggest that there's something about the place that I like. Actually, there are a couple of other reasons as well. So let's go about the reasons first. Firstly, Chinese food (alright, Indianised-Chinese, with MSG I suppose), but when we say Indianised-Chinese, that automatically translates into a low cost-large quantity affair.

If you've read my earlier posts, you'll know I'm not big on 'ambiance' and 'atmosphere' and 'service' - as long as the place is clean, and I can see what I'm putting into my mouth, and as long as the wait staff come and take my orders promptly and can tell me what is what, I'm good. Wanley is clean, the service is prompt, and although they try to give you the 'Chinese' experience by having a few lights inside red shades, it's not all that dingy, and neither is it shady. I've seen quite a few 'high society' folks (going by the way they dress and speak and carry themselves about in public) come and enjoy a meal here.

The food. Is great. Compared to a Chungs or a Chung Wah, my usual formula (or criteria) of the ratio of price to quantity is met and satisfied hands down. The service is prompt, and the wait staff can tell you what is what on the menu, which usually helps when almost everything sounds the same! :)

An additional piece of information, purely subjective, is that I think Wanley has the best roast chilly pork among all the 'Chinese' restaurants in town. I used to think it was Delicacy, covered in my last post for Bangalore Mirror, but Wanley I think edges past Delicacy on this one.A little birdie told me that the roast pork served at the original Chung Wah (near Symphony theatre) is truly brilliant. So until I get a chance to check it out for myself, Wanley will hold the title for roast pork.

Chinese joints are a dime a dozen in Bangalore and I'm sure everyone has their favourite, usually in their neck of the woods. And so I won't be asking you to travel across town to eat at Wanley, but if in Indiranagar, do drop in if in the mood for some Chinese.

Wanley, 421, Sree Krishna Temple Road, Indiranagar 1st Stage, Bangalore. Phone: 25253463

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