Sunday, January 31, 2010

Secret Garden Cafe

Secret Garden Cafe! Finally, I got to go here. Previous attempts at trying to locate the place have ended up with me beginning to feel like the fox that didn't get the grapes. Trying to get directions to this place was like trying to get the nuclear secrets out of the Army! No one would give you proper directions - like they wanted to keep this place a secret. I finally went there for lunch along with the food group (previously to Hae Kum Gang and Millers 46). This will be a pictorial review with just a few lines in between.

The menu

The salads were nice, and although there weren't any particular stand outs, we liked all 3 that we had.

Ham, mozzarella, fig, almond salad

Pear, cacciota cheese, fennel, walnut salad

Prawn + avocado cocktail salad

The main course: Although many people loved the Sri Lankan creamy curry with iddiappams, I liked the baked crab meat dish, as it's not easy to get crab meat cooked right. The lamb lasagna and canneloni with mushrooms and chicken were pretty good too. The chicken fillet was the least favourite - not because it tasted bad or anything (some found it too salty), but because compared to the other dishes, this looked blah!

Canneloni with chicken and mushroom

Minced lamb lasagna

Baked crab meat

Chicken fillet with sun-dried tomato pesto

Fish fillet with basil pesto

The menu, redux

Fish fillet with wine + dill sauce

Fettucine with prawns and bacon

Thai red curry

Sri Lankan creamy curry with bitter gourd salad and iddiappam

Desserts: A majority wanted the maple + butter crunch thingy (I must say it did sound fascinating, especially the fact that it was home-made ice cream), and it did taste good actually (even though I'm not a big fan o butterscotch-type flavours). I liked the Hedwig's cake with ice cream while all of us agreed the honey cake + cream was, well, flat and boring.

Hedwig's chocolate cake + ice cream

Brazilian nut (?) + honey cake + cream

Home made maple + nut butter crunch ice cream

After that we went to Fresco's for coffee, and along with the coffee they give you a stick with dark chocolate at the end. We weren't sure if we were to just eat it, or stir the coffee with it. Here, I've got a shot of the chocolate just dropping off the stick into my coffee. Coffee didn't taste all that great with the dark chocolate in it, but I like the snap below.

Food: Quite good
$$$: Slightly on the higher side (approx. 500 per head at the very least).
Verdict: Go there for the food and the ambiance, especially the ambiance.
Extra Info: It's on the road parallel to Cunningham road (see map link). There is NO turning from Cunningham road, so come on Queen's road and take the last right turn before the Indian Express signal.

Secret Garden Cafe, 7/1, Edward Road, Bangalore. Phone: 41131365

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