Sunday, January 10, 2010

Shanghai Salsa

Another classmate from school, who's currently in the US, had come down for the winter break, and his last day in Bangalore was when we finally caught up (he was in Mangalore until his last few days). It was a weekday, P and VP weren't very busy, but unfortunately, I was held up on that day with something at work, and so we had to settle for lunch close to my place of work, and so Shanghai Salsa it was.

Some soup

Chili roast pork

Veg balls with garlic sauce

Steamed chicken momos

Cuban roast pork meal

Some fish(y) meal

Veg burritos

Food: Great!
$$$: If you go in a large group, it would work out to around 300 or 350 per head (assuming you eat properly); smaller groups could end up paying almost 500 per head.
Service: Decent, prompt.
Verdict: I'm a fan of the place, and I've never had a bad experience here. Just remember, it's not your regular Chinese cuisine (it's Cuban-Chinese, essentially Cuban, with a Chinese touch in the cuisine), so don't feel disappointed because you didn't find Kung Pao chicken on the menu.
Extra Info: It's opposite just Bake.

Shanghai Salsa, 618/1, 1st Stage, 2nd Main, Opposite Just Bake, Indiranagar, Bangalore. Phone: 25201984

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