Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Assamese Food Fest @ Ants Cafe

There's going to be an Assamese food festival this Saturday, the 21st of May. Since this is a 'limited seats event', I suppose calling and making reservations would be a good thing to do if you plan to go.

The Menu for the Assamese Food Festival

Welcome Drink: Kordoi (Star Fruit) Juice

Main Course:
Joha saulor bhaat (local aromatic rice)
Omitaar Khar – Raw Papaya cooked in Khar
Maati Mahor Dail – Split Black Gram Dal Curry
Xoru Aloo and Xak – Small Potatoes with Greens
Bengena Pura – Brinjal smoked and mashed
Aloo Pitika – Mashed Potato with mustard oil, onions and green chillies

Maas patotdia (baked fish in banana leaf)
Mangsor Jul – Light Mutton and Potato curry
Norosingha maasor jhul (fish in curry leaves)
Ow Tengar Dail – Lentils cooked with Elephant Apple

Kharoli – Fermented Mustard Paste
Khorisa – Grated Bamboo Shoots Fermented
Bhoot Jolokia – Hottest Chili in the World!
Narikol Bota – Chutney made from Coconut and Lentils
Koni Dhaanor Payox – Millet Kheer/Payasam

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Eveline said... Another food fest at Ants Cafe! I'm so there. :))


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