Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The little joys in Hyderabad - 1

I'm in Hyderabad currently. Got here on the 30th of April, and I'm here for two weeks. Sadly, this isn't a visit on holiday - I'm here on work, and so although Hyderabad would be a fabulous place to spend eating, my posts will be very limited as the only times I get to step out will be during the weekend, and that certainly won't be enough to sample even a fraction of what Hyderabad has to offer. Nonetheless, the few places that I did visit shall be dutifully written about, but not as a review, but more as a sort of 'FYI' post.

Ruci and Idoni: Ms Quiche and Ms BakeAnything took me to this place that was a super market that also had a cafe on the top floor (somewhere in Banjara Hills). So for breakfast you have the option of selecting various items from a check-list and eventually you're served up the same, and you can see whatever I'd selected.

Close-up of the Danish

While the ladies opted for a croissant, I opted for the Danish, and I was pretty damn glad I did. I mean, just look at the photo and that should say it all. Picture's worth a thousand words, right? :)

Ten Downing Street: TDS as it's popularly known as to the locals, this watering hole has seen many a party, and from what I'm told, it's a popular handout with the crowd from Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and the students at ISB. For Bangaloreans, to get an idea of TDS, all you need to do is step into Tavern at the Inn in The Museum Inn on Museum Road, and Tavern surely scores over TDS when it comes to the food, and the service (not my opinion alone, but my two friends who've been in Hyd now for a while and were formerly in Bangalore for quite a few years were of the same opinion). I guess for ambiance we'll need to flip a coin coz Tavern is quite a place during an EPL game, while TDS I'm told is quite the place to be during karaoke night.

Random food eaten here and there

Drums of heaven

Seekh kabab


Haleem with fried onions

Drums of heaven - OK, seekh kabab - nice, paya - crap, haleem - nice

Shots so random I won't even classify them :)

ISB: Umm, yes, Indian School of Business. Saturday saw me visit the ISB campus with a couple of friends from school. Inside, we came across as a couple of stalls, one selling momos and the other selling juice blends of several kinds. While I wasn't able to take a picture of the drinks we had (watermelon and ginger), I did get snaps of the momos, and they were quite nice. Rs 20 for a plate of 5 (or was it 40? don't remember now), but well worth the money.

After snacking on the momos, we headed to the cafe where two of us had grilled chicken sandwiches, while another had a pasta. All the dishes there were priced at sub-hundred and many were sub-fifty, which made my eyes do back flips inside the sockets - I never get to see such prices in Bangalore (damn! should've taken a pic of the menu). Food was tasty, didn't cost anything I'm used to paying, and for those interested, apparently the chole batture is one of the hottest selling items there.

Another post will follow shortly (by the weekend) - cheesecakes, biryanis, and more! Stay tuned.

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