Monday, September 14, 2009


I'd heard a lot about Cornucopia, and that it was co-owned by the ever-inconsistent Robin Uttappa and the mercurial Sreeshanth, cricketers from the Indian team. The menu online looked looked good, and going by what I heard, it seemed like a nice place to try out. The plan has been on for the last 2 months or so, but there's always been something or the other that prevented us from visiting there.

Finally, on a Friday night when Mr P decided not to stay back late into the night at work, we decided to first head out to watch a movie with another old school classmate, MuscledWings. We watched the animated movie 9 and barring MuscledWings, the rest of us liked it. Once the movie was done, MuscledWings went home to see his parents off to Kerala, and so the rest of us headed towards Cornucopia.

Although the restaurant is tucked away in a quiet by lane off Richmond Road, and was part of a home stay called the Bat and Ball Inn, seeing the place empty on a Friday night gave us the chills. Was this a place to try out, or would we have our stomachs going on strike and keep us on the pot over the weekend? We were soon going to find out.

Sadly, no pictures for this post, as my phone was out of action, and the phone I was using temporarily, well, I forgot to remove the snaps from it.

We started off with lime sodas and a soup, a spiced baked vegetable and pasta soup. The soup was nice, and although I liked it, Mr P thought that the spiciness was actually ruining the taste.

Next came the curried mushroom and corn sacks, which were yummy. The veg crostinis were ok, nothing great, and apart from the first time we had crostinis at the Egg Factory, which we loved by the way, we haven't come across good crostinis in Bangalore ever since.

Mr VP and I also ordered a stir fried prawns, which was flavoured in a mixture of cumin, curry powder and olive oil, and it was great. we also had a plate of pan-grilled mutton kababs, which were nice, but a tab bit thin, not meaty enough around the skewers.

For the main course, Mr P ordered a mixed veg moussaka "classique", VP had a grilled pomfret mahler, and I had a grilled chicken breast carson. No complaints with any of the food.

We finally mopped up with an amazing peach cobbler pie.

Food - Predominantly continental
$$$ - Around 500 or so per head
Service - Decent
Verdict - Nice place for a lunch/dinner. Worth a visit.
Extra info - They levy a 10% service charge

Cornucopia, #3, Laurel Lane, Richmond Town, Bangalore. Phone: 41149495, 41738503

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