Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pizzeria Romano

P, VP and I had some time to kill last weekend. P and VP were at P's place 'packaging' a few chocolates that P wanted to 'gift' to a select few employees (read to a select few girls). I'd heard of this new pizza place that'd opened up in Koramangala, claiming to serve wood oven pizzas. Sounded good, so off we went for dinner.

We started off with mushroom soups, and mushroom in a garlic sauce, along with a plate of chimichanga rolls. The chimichanga, while being slightly different from what I'd eaten at Zoe's, weren't too bad themselves, while the mushroom in the garlic sauce was good, especially if you're the kind who likes garlic - for whatever reasons, including keeping Dracula away!

This place is all veggie for the time being. They plan to start the non-veg section shortly, and also a cafe below, and since this is a unit of Sprocket, the cafe will be called... that's right, Cafe Sprocket.

Chimichanga rolls

Mushroom in garlic sauce

For pizzas, although I was in a mood to devour as many as possible, my fellow partners in crime had filled their stomachs with biscuits ar Mr P's place before coming, and so we settled for two - a 12" wood fire pizza, called Veggie Supreme (recommended by the waiter) with Thousand Island dressing, and we later had a smaller, 7" or 10" (don't remember) Hawaiian (the pineapple in it drawing our attention toward it).

Undoubtedly, the Veggie Supreme came out top...the thin crust baked to perfection, the dressings, the toppings, the cheese... all in just the right amounts and

Veggie Supreme with Thousand Island dressing


Food: Very good; they do serve a few pastas as well, but come on, stick to the pizzas - they're divine
$$$: Not expensive - way cheaper than a Dominos, or a Pizza Hut, or Papa Johns, or Little Italy. In my view, the best Pizzas in Bangalore.
Service: Very good
Verdict: If you don't visit this place, you're missing out on good pizzas.
Extra Info: Parking could be an issue if you're in a vehicle that has more that 2 wheels, so either park on the main road i.e. the road before you turn onto 5th cross, or try one of the small lanes on 5th cross.

Pizzeria Romano, #55, 5th Cross, 6th Block Koramangala, Bangalore. Phone: 25525104

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nitesh shetty said...

The place did dissapoint me a tad. I had the pizza and they were awesome. I was dissapointed with the pasta. I had a Shitake Pasta and found that a couple of things in it were burnt...I guess the eggplant. It was like fusli with a spicy sauce!!! But the saving factor was the Pizza. I particularly like the thin crust and the toppings that were really well done. The Tacos were straight from the packet. just a casual sprinkling of cheese and mayonnaise was all that was extra!

P.S. They could do with some marketing. The restaurant was all empty when I got there! U know its kind of odd when urs is the only table that is full and all the waiters are staring hard at u!


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