Friday, September 25, 2009

Food Fest @ work

On Wednesday, we had a food fest at work, and everyone from our floor (our team) was supposed to cook something and bring it to work. And obviously, there were some who, well, couldn't/didn't tow the line and so they just bought stuff from a restaurant. Nevertheless, it was fabulous. We had made elaborate plans to ensure that people bring the right quantity, but when plans are made, they bear fruit only when people follow them.

We'd asked people who were bringing rice dishes to plan for 5-6 people, i.e. make enough rice so that about 5 or 6 people can have a proper meal, starters or side dishes should in sufficient quantity to feed 20 people, and likewise with sweets - enough for 20 people, since we could cut them and distribute them among the 45 team members. But when they came the next day, there were some who got enough rice to feed 30 people. And when around 45 people bring food, there sure as hell is going to be a lot, and I mean a lot!

Starters: Pappadums, dhoklas, mixtures, vadas, jaljeera (in container)

Main course: Pooris, parathas, chole (chickpeas), rice cakes, drumstick curry, puliogare

Main course: Lemon rice, veg pulav, avial, a couple of dry curries, curd rice, vadas

Main course: Another angle of the above

Desserts & sweets: My pannacotta is at the back (top left, to the right of the bowl of curds).


Ruthiez Blogs said...

Wow!!! Lucky you!! None of the offices I worked in were ever this forthcoming when it came to team fun activities...looks like quite a spread you have there

Karthik Shetty said...

Yeah, we were pretty amazed by the response (we = the handful of young, enthu chaps on our floor). Although some bought stuff straight from the shaps, tha participation was overwhelming, and so it turned out to be fabulous.


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