Wednesday, September 30, 2009

BM Review: Dakhani Degh

This past week I'd been to a small restaurant called Dakhani Degh, situated well into south Bangalore (Jayanagar T block). This was part of a review for Bangalore Mirror, and the review can be read here. My guests were Suman Bolar, and her two sons Amol and Gaurav. Suman runs a popular blog called Food Travel Bangalore, also known as FTB. I've already learnt a lot from this foodie, and for one, I've actually met a food writer, and a brilliant one at that, so totally worth it.

The food was fabulous - especially the mutton main course dish and the dessert. The rest of the food was very good. Below are the pictures of what we ate.

Salarjung Kabab

Dakhani Sheekh Kabab

Mutton Bharra Kabab

Chicken Biryani

Shahi Dum Murgh

Mutton Mamoos

Khubani Ka Meetha

Food: Very good; although there was a butter chicken dish, stick to the Hyderabadi fare
$$$:Can't get better than this - the bill, for all this, including lemon sodas and lassi came to 1100 only!!!
Service: They take your order promptly, clear the plates promptly. If you expect more at these prices, you're crazy!
Verdict: Must visit, at least for the Khubani Ka Meetha and the mutton dishes
Extra Info: Take a right at Sagar hospital from Bannerghatta road (while coming from Dairy circle). It's after Sagar hospital, on the same road, just before the next traffic signal junction. Take a left at this signal and drive up ahead to find a place to park.

Dakhani Degh, 29/1, 30th Cross, Tilak Nagar Main Road, Jayanagar T block, Bangalore. Phone: 32913033


Anonymous said...

Hola Huduga! Many thanks... and sorry for stuffing your face with two types of mustard. Have to give you the third - mine - which will go straight up your nose and show you Dante's Inferno :D

Karthik Shetty said...

Pleasure having you, and I'm glad you gave the mustard, I learnt something new :) and now I'm all excited waiting for the nose bomb mustard you make :)


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