Thursday, December 10, 2009

BM Review: Albert Bakery

Last Sunday, I'd been to Albert Bakery (to review the place for Bangalore Mirror), one of Bangalore's oldest bakeries (more than a 100 years old). And here's an interesting piece of information: it's owned and run by a Muslim family, not a Christian family. In fact, it was Nawab Jaan's grand father who started the bakery (Nawab Jaan is the current owner). The politics at the time of the British Raj was what probably resulted in it being christened with a Christian name (from what I gathered after talking to the owner). The review can be read here.

A couple of the snaps that I took are here:

Chicken Roll (not your typical roll - a larger puff)

Cocktail samosas and mini chicken burger

Albert Bakery, #93, Mosque Road, Next to Barista, Frazer Town, Bangalore.

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