Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I hadn't carried lunch to work on Monday, and so I decided to try our this new place that'd opened up called Woodstok. I found the place easily enough thanks to Google maps (working in Indiranagar for the last 5 years also helped), and since I was alone (yes, I'm the strange breed that can enjoy my meals alone as well - I had a nice Roald Dahl book for company actually), I knew I wouldn't be eating too much. One look at the menu confirmed that this place was almost a copy of Zoe's, although the prices at Zoe's are a less compared to this place. I was hoping to have a below 200 meal, but I knew that wasn't going to happen.

To start off, I settled in for a French onion soup. Traditionally made from beef broth, I didn't even bother asking the staff if it was indeed beef broth or not, because just one spoon down I knew it wasn't beef broth, but vegetable stock. The soup though, was nice, and the caramelised onions in it gave a hint of sweetness to it, along with the a dollop of cheese (wasn't sure what cheese this was specifically, but who cares - I love cheese in all forms).

French Onion Soup with the 'croutons' on the side

For my main course, I saw a beef burger on the menu, and I didn't need to look any further :)

Beef Burger

The burger was actually pretty good, although, if you go purely by construction of a burger basics, this one would probably fail. The cardinal sin of putting the lettuce on the lower half of the bun and the burger patty on top of it was done here as well. And the burger wasn't the soft bun type - either this was a different bun, or they done something to it to kinds get it to be stiff. The burger patty though, was superb. Nice a juicy, it came with a large serving of fries, slaw, and a spicy salsa.

These guys have a 10% service charge, so I didn't tip. I really hate this practice of adding that in the bill - even if I felt that the service was extremely good and would want to tip more, I wouldn't if I saw a 10% service charge already levied.

I'll reserve my verdict for another visit - I don't I had enough to rate the place. The soup was 120, the burger was 180, and with taxes and their 10% service charge, it came up to 370. So much for a sub-200 meal!

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Nina said...

Hey, the last post was on Dec, 23. More updates pls. I'm sure you would have gorged on christmas and new years.




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