Monday, December 14, 2009

Burger burger burning bright

I'm becoming some kind of burger fiend. Every time I'm in a position to make something at home, I inevitably end up making a burger. This time as well it was chicken (I really wish someone can tell me where I can pick up bacon from), with some caramelised onions and grilled red peppers (capsicum).

Minced chicken
Soy Sauce
Capsicum (red peppers)

Season the chicken with the salt and pepper. Form the patties. Heat oil on a pan/skillet and start frying the patty. Add the soy sauce and sugar along with the garlic and allow the patty to cook in the sauce for a while. Serve with the caramelised onions the grilled peppers in between a toasted bun.


Ruthiez Blogs said...

you can get bacon at Spar in the frozen section or you could try Thom's in Frazer town and of course ham shop. I have also managed to pick up frozen bacon from some Spencer's outlets but always check their expiry dates. There is also a brand called Meatzza - you get this is Spar as well as Nilgiris in Koramanagala and Frazer town.. you should be able to get bacon with them.

Karthik Shetty said...

Is this at some particular Spar? I usually frequent the Spar on Bannerghatta road, and I haven't found bacon there (that, or evidently I haven't looked hard enough). Thom's is too far to go just for bacon...ditto to any place in Frazer Town.

boozy granny said...

New Bangalore Ham Shop or Bamburies on RIchmond road

vishak said...

Pick up bacon from Bamboories at Vellara junction. It's the real deal, not the crappy off the shelf nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Bamburies has both 'Indian bacon' and 'American bacon'. The american bacon is pretty authentic but is fairly pricey at 900 rp per kg.

Anonymous said...

hey kartik,
i changed my phone and lost your number. message me if you can please.
i buy bacon (or for that matter all meat) from ham shop (hal mkt / lakshmipuram ulsoor) or frosty (krishna temple road / hema stores road).

Karthik Shetty said...

Hey Delilah.. Frosty's is very close to my office, and I also finally spotted bacon at Spar, so I guess I'm good now :)

Gonzo Garbanzo said...

Take it from me bacon in bangalore is the Karnataka Ham Shop in Frazer Town. Opposite the Police Station. Hope you are doing well:) Cheers..


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