Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Last weekend we went out to watch the second part of the Twilight saga (remember the first part, where I said it was a joke) called New Moon. But this time, before we went for the movie we decided to catch dinner at Shiok. We'd never visited the place since it moved out of CMH Road to the inner ring road the foot of the flyover. Since we were in a hurry (P & VP were late as usual), it was a quick affair, with us reaching the movie about 5 minutes late.

On a night that India were actually going to go on and beat Sri Lanka in the second T20 match, it also surprisingly drizzled outside (effects of the cyclone near Chennai), we started off with soups: Broccoli, tofu and mushroom, along with a chicken and celery soup.

Broccoli, tofu & mushroom soup

Chicken and Celery soup

VP and I had a plate of calamari with pepper and a plate of chili beef. The beef was cooked perfectly. The calamari was a little bland, but the sauce it came with made up (and coming to think of it, calamari can never really be infused with spices because of its rubbery texture - I'm not certain but that's my educated guess). P ordered a plate of tofu or corn I guess (don't quite remember coz we were in a hurry remember).

Calamari with pepper

Tofu Something

Chili Beef

Once this was done, we split a Thai red curry with a bowl of rice (we being P and I, while VP was still munching on some calamari).

I didn't feel what we had was enough to conclude about the place (but rest assured what we had was very good), so I'll defer my usual ratings after another visit.

Shiok, #96, Amar Jyothi Layout, Inner Ring Road, Domlur, At the foot of the flyover, Bangalore. Phone: 65715555, 65716666

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