Thursday, March 4, 2010

BM Review: Veekes & Thomas

This past week I'd been to Veekes & Thomas to review for Bangalore Mirror. The review can be read here. This a totally new concept in Bangalore, where the philosophy is "We aspire to do to continental cuisine what the Chinese from Calcutta did to Chinese food decades ago - highly Indianised, very affordable and easily available". Great!

They also have a little cart diagonally opposite Maiya's in Jayanagar 4th Block, while the main kitchen is in J P Nagar. However, let me say at the beginning itself - don't dine in at the JP Nagar kitchen - not coz it's not nice, but getting seating may be an issue, so order in, that would be better. The JPN premises have a seating only for about 8 people or so, so unless you've got loads of time on your hand, order and ask for home delivery if you live close by, or go around shopping and come back to pick up your food.

Chicken Nuggets

Minced Meat Crostini

Grilled chicken open sandwich

Chicken salami open sandwich

Shepherd's Pie (chicken)

Chicken breast stuffed with mushroom and spinach

Risotto, with olives and chicken

Basil-Parsley pesto pasta

Cilantro chicken in white sauce pasta

Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Brownie

Veekes & Thomas, #22, 5th Cross, 24th Main, JP Nagar 2nd Phase, Bangalore. Phone: 65329999, 9686178000


Anonymous said...

Cannelloni is just absolutely delicious here. A must try..

Anonymous said...


Could you give exact place and landmark in 4th block bcos that would be easy to find out.


Karthik Shetty said...

While coming from Jain Temple towards Maiya's, you'll see the Police Station in front of you (after the junction), you'll have Maiya's on your left, and to your right you'll see the Veekes & Thomas cart. It's next to a juice shop. Hard to miss.

Anonymous said...

Have been to their restaurant at J.P.Nagar ...
taste: 3/10


Sum IT Guy said...

We (me and wifey) went to this new Veekes and Thomas restaurant that's opened on Bannerghatta road. It's actually a redone restaurant that used to be Raga.
Incidentally, we've been customers of Raga for 3 years now, and order food just about every other day from there. Raga is now 3 restaurants in one:
1. Raga, 2. Kongwang, 3. Veekes and Thomas
We were excited about the European and Far Eastern cuisines that Raga now claims to offer. To cut a long story short, here's what transpired tonite:
We go to Raga/Veekes and Thomas, and settle down. We look at the newly done menu, and decide to start off with a continental mushroom soup and some Jalapeno Poppers (fritters).
The cream of mushroom soup is served in a chai glass with spoons. Apparently this is their idea of Indianizing the thing. We aren't impressed, but nevertheless giggle at the innovation.
We wait for the jalapeno fritters. They do arrive, with imly chutney! We take a few bites. Where are the jalapenos, I say. All I can taste is a whole lot of red chilli flakes mixed with alu mash. Thankfully, there is some cheese, even if it be there for the namesake.
I decide to call and ask the waiter. He calls a person, who claims to be the chef. The so-called-chef is a well-built, muscular guy who seems to have come to the table with the single intent to argue and intimidate. He's super rude, has an aggressive body language, and uses a very wrong tone with me. He tells me this is Indianized European cuisine, and I should have read about Thomas and Veekes before commenting!
I agree, I didn't know about the Indianizing part, but does Indianizing imply that you remove the Jalapenos from a dish called Jalapeno Poppers? I ask the chef this, and this enrages him further. He tells me I can keep my comments and views to myself. I tell him: Then there's no use talking in the first place. :)
Five minutes later, the waiter comes and apologizes profusely. Meanwhile, another funny incident happens. I see the so called chef sitting on a nearby table with a group of guys. I ask the waiter how come the chef is here. The waiter tells me that the guy is Ajay Thomas, the owner of Veekes and Thomas. ;)
I can understand a staff member being rude/inconsiderate, but I am disappointed to find that a hotel chain owner can be so indifferent and rude to his customers. After all, we are his business. Sorry to say, Mr. Thomas, but I was disappointed by your behavior tonite. The food isn't the worse that I have ever tasted, but the attitude certainly is.
Anyways, me and wifey rushed through the main course and paid the bill. Our day was already spoilt. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to guess that we didn't tip. :)


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